What is your best "Wow" Light?

My TN36vn shocks people when this little pop can pumps out 8000+ lumens :open_mouth:

Outdoors my maxabeam is guaranteed to garner some "WoW!"s.

Any light that I have is WOW light for my friends :smiley: they are mostly at 5mm white leds level :slight_smile:
If I show them
Olight i3 ->“WOW, what a small flashlight and so bright”,
Skilhunt DS20 -> “WOW, this thing is so powerful”,
Acebeam X40 or TN31 -> “WOW, just WOW.” at this point they either think I am messing with them or that I am weird :smiley:

My Old Lumens custom big head XHP70 built on an SRK. Wows me every time I turn it on.

Or maybe my 2D MTG2 Mag Lite built by Kyfishguy. Just a beautiful neutral wall of light.

X6 Ledsmoke Edition with 3 x XP-L in mixed tints


Of course it's not mine any more, but a few guys at work got to see it before it went out. They said WOW and a lot of other words.

Nitecore EC21
My pocket rocket :slight_smile:

Do you have a build thread somewhere? I would like to know more about this light.

For stock lights my biggest wow light is my Niwalker Nova MM15. 5233 lumens in a soda can sized light.

OL’s triple xhp is a wow light even looking at the screen on my computer :cowboy_hat_face:

I have a deft-x but it’s not my favourite (hence I’m selling) but I have other lights… a box of them!

modded courui
xhp70 LUM 5-90 reflector in tk61 host
sbt-70 aspheric
tk61vn with KD reflector

I recently sold a maxtoch m12. I fitted it to an adjustable gun mount with recoil. Was a dedomed xml2 on copper and direct drive. That thing had surprisingly good throw for it’s size. Needless to say the new owner was wow’d.

Hmm… after proof reading my post I realized I could be on the wrong forum with this lot :money_mouth_face:

We will do our best not to discriminate. Your Courui will give you some street cred round these parts at least. :bigsmile:

My XA6 XP-L triple is the same, even with a wide optic it makes a lot of light, it can start fires, and with TK firmware it’s a usable ECD light. I do have a modded small sun T08 that makes an impressively bright spot but it’s not usable for much.

No i didn’t do a build thread but basically it is an MT-G2 soldered onto the brass P60 pill with a drilled out smooth reflector.

It has 2 dummy 18650’s inside that i drilled out and installed 14AWG copper wire end to end straight through both. (The light can take 4 18650’s)

The LED is wired to a + contact plate and the – to the brass pill with 20AWG.
The pill is filled with a copper slug and JB weld.

The P60 module is crammed into the host with copper braiding at the sides giving a very tight fit and great heat transference.

This is a great host for this setup as the walls are 7mm thick solid aluminium.

It takes a while to heat up from the head back towards the handle but it does still eventually get too hot to hold.

The current can be controlled somewhat by cell selection.

I’m sure Dale can make my collection seem a bit more budget :wink:

I just want to own one of Old Lumens Mods……

You and the rest of us...

I gave my best wow light to Xandre (actually, he demanded it ;-) ), it is a small AAA-twisty, the Ultafire LZZ-06 modded with a XM-L2 and 12mm BLF17DD driver, build thread here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/25476 . It does 1000lm at start-up, settles at 700lm after 30 seconds, and finishes the Efest 10440 after 5 minutes

My 3xXHP70 X60M stomps the dog $&#T out of the X60Mvn I have but both are impressive!

You blind them, then knock them out with a wack over the head after? J)

I usually wow them with a few.

- 12AMP Skyray Kung that burns paper.

- 15AMP, eight-25R 18650, triple MT-G2, Custom OL light.

- 70 Watt HID Cyclops

  • Olight SR90

and even the little Trustfire Mini-01 hanging on my keys wows many of my noob friends. :bigsmile:

I want the Solarstorm SP03 that Old Lumens was working on. Each time he puts lights up for sale, they don’t last 5 minutes. I hope I’m sitting in front of my computer when he puts it up for sale so I can pounce on it before the usual suspects do.