What is your favorite 18650 battery?

I think the white Hi-Max 2600 protected seems to hold up the longest, I have 4 of them and have been impressed.

What ones do you use the most?

Free ones :) I'm the worlds worst to scavenge from laptop packs at the office so I have a ton of Samsung and Panasonic cells out of those.

One ?

Would need to be the Samsung 30A ...

Two ? Panasonic 2900

Then Himax - wow - Xtar- Sanyo - Samsung

Third ? ultrafire - Trustfire - AW- Solarforce

Fourth ? Hmmmmm

I have 2 aw's (which are way too expensive imo) and about a dozen TF flames.

I would say--TF flames.

My laptop battery scavanged Sanyo 2600mAh and Sony 2600 mAh.

I'm the worlds worst to scavenge from laptop packs at the office so I have a ton of Samsung and Panasonic cells out of those.

I've only gotten sanyos (red/ibm) and sonys (green/toshiba?) out of mine. The red ones seem more worn, but entirely anecdotal.

I got Red Sanyos (blue top) and Green Sony 8g from lenovo/IBM packs.

For all the different batteries I've tried ... on a cost/performance basis... Trustfire 2400mAh (Flames) protected cells have been the best for me..

If you want a good 18650, talking about the price and the quality/performance, the best IMO are this


Hmmm... Let's see. For performance and quality, Cytac 2600 mAh's'

For good price-quality ratio, Trustfire flames.

I hoping my 4 xtars 2600 I got today

I only have 8 of these http://www.dealextreme.com/p/trustfire-protected-18650-lithium-battery-2500mah-2-pack-blue-5790 , so i can't compare them with other 18650 batteries. I just got 2 more with the Trustfire X8.

The oldest are almost 2 years old, and the are still working very good. I will keep the 2 batteries of the X8 together, because i don't want too much difference in capacity for a 2x 18650 flashlight.

Trustfire flames for their quality/price ratio

trustfire flames here also..can't beat them for price and capacity..

Pink Samsung cells salvaged from Dell laptop packs! 2600mAH IIRC? If I were buying, I would get the Trustfire flames based on the good reviews and price.

In terms of the best to provide the power I have some Redilast 18650 2900mah which are awesome, genuine rating and feel great. Sadly they are too long for many of my torches and cost a packet.

Mainly use Trustfire Flame 2400mah, I have 10 or so and some out in Vietnam getting a hammering but working great. Well built and true rating.

My favorite cells at the moment are some Samsung 18650 24E (2400mAh) - I got them of a laptop. They work fine with my XM-L (I got 2,9A at the tailcap).

If anyone is looking to buy some cells based on this thread, please also consider https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/72497. We're on the edge of making the group buy happen.

$13.50 for sanyos are IMO a much better deal than the $10 Trustfires. Only a few bucks more for cells that usually go for $20/pair in loose cells never mind protected.