What I've Learned About Budget Knives!

I wasn’t into knives until fairly recently. Since then I’ve ordered quite a few of them and have several comments based on what I’ve learned (including personal preferences).

Maybe others will care to add their own thoughts as well. It might be of some use to someone just starting to get into knives and/or maybe it will be interesting for all of us to read.

My comments are limited to SRM/Enlan type of knives.

I started out being interested in the smaller knives from SRM 605 up to SRM 710 in size. Now I tend to prefer and find more useful the larger ones such as Enlan EL-01.

Frame lock knives are fine but since many of them have different materials on each side of the handle liner locks work just as well for me and then the handles can match as well.

Axis locks are interesting but not worth the bother (IMO) as they are usually too stiff.

I’ve found that I prefer the handles to either be G10 or wood. Some metal knives are nice but in general I like G10 or wood better.

The group consensus knives are always worth checking out although they don’t always end up being my favorites. I was surprised at how well I like the Enlan EL-01D but the SRM 710 (while a nice knife) is just not a particular favorite of mine (nothing special and too heavy for its size).

The main complaint that I have with these knives is that they are hard to take apart if you want to fix/modify something. I can generally get all but one screw out which of course is one screw too little to do anything.

Not that it matters all that much (in terms of practicality) most/many of the knives aren’t centered.

There were no “dogs” with any of the SRM/Enlan knives I’ve ordered.

The following knives have turned out to be my favorites although I have more knives than this. The only changes I would make among these knives is that the axis lock on the Enlan EL-02b should be easier to use (too stiff) and the SRM 1602G is very noticeably off center. However I ground down the handle on the EL-02b and switched handles on the SRM 605. The favorites are:

SRM 605 (with green handles from 604)
SRM 1602G (Wharncliffe)
SRM F1-723
Enlan (Bee) L05-1
Enlan EL-02b
Enlan EL-01D

I have noticed the same thing. With all of the chinese knives I have tried to take apart I can get it apart except for 1 screw. It has been driving me crazy.

Yeah, because of this I had to be a little heavy handed when I ground down the EL-02b, I can’t ground down the liner lock in the Enlan M011, and I have less options should I ever decide to try to loosen up the axis lock on the EL-02b.

I can generally get the pivot screw out so it might be possible to center some of the blades if I could find thicker/thinner washers.

The EL-02B is a great knife but the axis lock is way to stiff. I am currently flopping back and forth between edcing it and a Benchmade Griptilian.

Ive really taken a liking to the Navy K507. I know you prefer G10 on both scales but this blade is pretty nice. The blade is stonewashed 440c with a G10 grip on the front and stonewashed framelock on the back. The whole knife is put together with torx screws and pivot. I disassembled mine and applied fluorinated grease to the pivot and it is silky smooth. This has become my favorite “Chinese”Knife.