What kind of car do you drive and why.

This should be interesting to hear what people drive and more importantly, why?

I will start it off.
Ford Explorer. Got a great deal on it.

07 Avalanche LTZ —- It has the auto ride like the suburban but kind of looks like a truck — descent mileage and great to travel in — too bad they stopped making them

Work truck 03 E350 loaded down —— can you’ll see a trend —- I keep vehicles till the wheels fall off

I don't drive, but my family has a 2006 Toyota Corolla.

It's one of the best inexpensive cars out there, in the U.S. at least.


If I ran into some money, I'd like to get my family a Toyota Camry Hybrid, which is one of the best hybrids.

19 VW Alltrack 6M & 05 Forester XT 5M

3 pedals

One with 4 wheels because it takes me places faster than walking… :stuck_out_tongue:

I drive best car in the world. Company car.
Because it’s free.

BMW F32 coupe
they gave me a good deal on the trade in and this one was used, so already had the biggest price loss behind it

2004 Toyota Sienna as a work van. I got sick of full sized vans a while back and I can generally get by with the minivan.
Wife has an 07 Passat 3.6 wagon…

just like Jabe1: Sienna.
22 years old.
cannot kill it.
we have tried.

Buick LaCrosse.

Buicks are one step below Caddy, which have way way way too much electronic crap like snot sensors and auto-dispensing tissues, which is just way too much electrocrap to break.

But Buicks are a few steps above Chevy as far as “solidness”, which you could tell in like 1 second by just closing any of the doors with 1 finger, and feel that nice satisfying but almost-silent “thoomp”. (In contrast, half the cars on my block, you can hear and feel when someone has to slam a door/hatch shut, as it vibrates the house-windows.)

And it’s hard to kill Buick engines. :laughing:

Nifty little afterthoughts, too, that probably most people wouldn’t even notice. Eg, crank up the fan to maximum and get/make a call through the car, and the fan speed automagically decreases to cut the noise ’til after you’re done. Mentioned nowhere in the manual, took me a coupla years to even experience it for myself.

Got it 3yrs old, after most of the depreciation hit but it was still fairly new, had carfax and dealer history, was a corporate car so likely mostly highway miles, and it was my first car with a sunroof. :laughing:

Nissan Leaf - battery power….of course!
It’s actually a nice car. The electric drive is perky, doesn’t handle badly for a commuter sedan, electrics and most ergonomics are vastly superior to my Prius. I’ve almost forgotten what a gas station is.
Takes care of most of my driving needs. Virtually no maintenance.
I’ve almost forgotten what a gas station is.

2003 Toyota corolla as a commuter and beater. Still runs great with cold ac and easy/cheap to fix. 1991 Acura nsx as a weekend car. Pretty much the opposite of the corolla in every way lol.

1968 Camaro Ralley Sport convertible. Because I’ve had it for 35 years and I just got through restoring it and its summertime!!!

1998 Lexus GS400. 4.0L 300hp V8 sedan, terrible on gas and terrible in snow, both of which are moderate problems for me…

But I got it dirt cheap, the motor runs good as new at 225k miles, and I know enough about the platform to do all the work myself. So it’s just not worth getting rid of and it makes such sweet sounds when the gas pedal goes down.

2005 Scion xB

  • Good mileage & plenty of room.

1993 Dodge Pickup / 3/4 Ton / Gen 1

  • 5 speed with Cummins Turbo Diesel . Fairly decent mileage for a big truck & will tow anything I want to tow.
    Old but extremely reliable.

M 1028 CUCV

  • 1986 5/4 Ton Chevy Pickup
    “Fun truck”… go anywhere pretty much.
    Manual Lock In/Lock Out 4WD.
    Detroit Locker in rear end.
    Gov Locker in front end.

1998 Four Runner. Because my friend gave it to me as a gift eight years ago. I have a solid perfect diamond encrusted driving record going back decades. I have never been in an accident. I lived and drove all over the USA. My definition of "Defensive driving" is: The exact opposite of Offensive driving.

I am extra cautious about: distractions, inclement weather, driving at night, driving while the sun is in my eyes, driving when I am late and in a hurry to make up time, making sure that I avoid temptation to beat a light; pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, driving when everyone else is going significantly above the speed limit, limited sight distance due to tight curves and hills, foreign objects in the road, turns, lane changes, and other peoples adrenalized driving modes, two way stops, four way stops, parking lots, etc, etc, etc. I know that operating a motor vehicle is inherently risky. With so many deaths and severe injuries on Americas' roads and streets, the only reason motor vehicles are not banned is because they are necessary to maintain the lifestyle that we are accustomed to.

While motoring down the street in a vehicle, I have never been attacked.

I like American vehicles. More classic, parts are cheaper, but they don't last long. Foreign cars parts are very expensive, but they last forever.

2006 GMC Sierra crew cab, always have had a GM truck and love the extra room the crew cab has vs the extended cab.

2013 Cadillac CTS-V coupe, third pedal. Because 725hp is fun and I like to go fast.

P-pump that bad boy.

2006 Tacoma V6 4x4 TRD, bought used in 2007. Because I need a truck at times but don’t need a full-size pickup. It replaced an ’86 Toyota pickup that wasn’t quite big enough anymore.

2016 Tesla 3, bought new before there were any used ones. Because we wanted an EV and needed the range the Model 3 offered.

1999 Jeep XJ Cherokee, bought used in 2001. Many mods for 4-wheeling. I can’t sell it because then I like the places I can go in it and I can sleep in the back of it.

1968 Volvo 123 GT, bought used in 1972. Because I just like it a lot and started modding it way back then and never wanted to part with it. I was able to hang on to it and so I did. Turbo repowered, etc. A bit of a sleeper. It is the car I had when I met my wife. I still have her too.

1980 John Deere 2140 4x4 tractor, bought used in 1996. Because it has a snowblower plow and is has a turbo diesel that works well at altitude; no electronics, reliable.