What kind of car do you drive, Would you buy it again?

I have owned Subarus for some time. Love the car and the comapny. I would definitely buy again.

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My family likes Toyota cars because many of them are reliable, cheap, and fuel efficient.
We’ve basically had three Toyota Corollas in a row.
(The first of the three was a Geo Prizm, which is pretty much a Corolla.)
If we could afford a more expensive car, it would likely just be a nicer Toyota. :+1:

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BMW E30 M3

I would like to have this car !

Toyota Xtracab truck. I’m a trucker, I only like trucks, particularly Toyota’s. My truck is a 1990, they didn’t have 4 door crew cab models back then. Looking forward to treat myself to one when my old reliable retires.

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2016 KIA Soul bought used in 9/2019 with only 9,500 miles on it.

I haven’t reached 23,000 yet.


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I still drive my Toyota echo 2005 after more than 397 000 KM.

Recently started @minus 32°C (not talking about the wind factor) without using the block heater. I would buy it again, but I changed the second car for an electric and I’ll change the echo for another electric when reached EOL . I save a lot on gas giving me more room for flashlights :laughing:

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Always had Ford till i got tired of fixing them daily…
Back in 2009 when it looked like the big 3 were going to bite the dust i felt very patriotic and got Jeep Patriot, 3 weeks ago my dealer replaced a very rusty front sub-frame under warranty.
I replaced bunch of worn out parts and it is ready for another decade of service, I hope anyways…
Personally if they decide to bring back the Patriot i get one again without hesitation, not a fan of the Compass at all…
Wife is enjoying her QX50.

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Had Subaru’s all the way back in the 1970’s as the area I grew up in had one of the oldest Dealerships in the USA, Kinley’s Subaru of Cogan Station, PA (Williamsport)
So they were all over the place used at decent prices.

Anyway good cars overall but must say my good mechanic friend makes good coin fixing the inevitable Bad Head Gasket that affected quite a few years.
He keeps rebuilt engines on stands at the ready so can fix quickly. He’s doing another engine job next week.

Another friend Joe just sunk $3200 on said engine deal and his only has 65,000 miles, got it from estate sale so older reason miles are so low. Still nice car and worth the repair.

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398k, wow

2016 Honda Fit. A keeper.
2006 Tacoma. Another keeper.
1968 Volvo 123GT. Its age says it all.

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2018 Subaru WRX. Didn’t splurge for the STI but no regrets - it’s satisfyingly quick for my purposes. Put >50,000 miles on it its first 30 months - a bit shy of 1700 miles per month. Then the pandemic and WFH happened and my annual driving is now in the region of 4000 miles so I expect another 10 years before it rolls over 100,000 miles.

In 10 years I don’t even know if there will be an analogue to the WRX on the market. By then the value proposition of EVs may well be quite compelling.

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2022 Kia Niro EV - all electric. it’s a great car.

2000 Toyota LandCruiser imported to Canada from Japan. Previously I owned a 1999 Toyota hilux surf and 1999 Honda Crv also both imported to canada from Japan. I love the right hand drives. Japanese build quality, low mileage and easy to find rust free examples. But I’m definitely a Toyota fan. I had a 2009 Subaru WRX before I got into the JDM’s and it was a ton of fun in winters here.

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Mostly drive a 2009 civic 4door that I cant recommend 'cuz it’s cheap and noisy.
I dont drive it much but I do recommend a 1999 xcab tacomaTRD. 2.7l 4x4. Gotta have a truck…

VW Golf IV Edition Indigo blue pearl effect, 1,9 Liter Diesel Pump/Jet with 115 PS/HP / 85kW from 2001. It is an honest Diesel without fake environment testing. Only ~4.5 Liter/100kM and what you don’t consume, you don’t exhaust! it’s last TÜV examination was without any fault - it is build 11/2001, so this says something! It has run today ~280.000 kM, so it is just run in. :wink: I will drive this car, until it’s broke! :star_struck:

Yes, i would buy this car again, but you can’t get anything near like this car… :confused:

Also Toyota Echo.
Still doing good but way past the design lifetime. Being gentle, hoping to keep it as long as possible.

Toyota needs to start building them again.

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Well, there is the truck as my avatar, 2007 GMC Sierra SLT. It has a bunch of issues but still runs down the road with 198k miles. Need a truck where I’m at especially in the winter months. My other ride is a 2013 Chrysler 200 Touring. I like both my vehicles, despite their faults. A Chevy truck is what I prefer, but always open to other options. I was considering a switch to a newer Tundra recently. I cannot really recommend the 200. It’s been discontinued for starters, and isn’t terribly easy on maintenance. It is a nice car, but not so nice that I would hesitate to replace it with a different vehicle. The new Toyota Camry is pretty good looking… I would gladly get the truck again but knowing what I’ve been through with the Chrysler I would give it a pass the second time around.

My first “I Bought It” car was a 1998 Lexus GS400 with the 4.0 V8. Absolutely exquisite motor. Bought at 189k, drove for five years and got hit at 229k. Still ran and drove but I didn’t have time to fix the damage and insurance wouldn’t cover it cuz the cops blamed me on the report even though it was totally the other guy’s fault.

So that same night I bought a 2006 Lexus GS430. 132k miles, one generation newer, same exquisite V8 but snappier gearbox, better suspension and brakes, all kinds of nifty features, for less than $8k. Such a freaking awesome car. Terrible fuel economy but it’s just the reliability tax. Best engine ever made.

I would absolutely buy either of them again. Getting hard to find though.

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I have a 2011 Subaru Outback, my second. I bought this in 2015 with 97,000 miles on it. Right now I’m at 164300, and replacing some age related components.
I am on the fence to buy again -I’m not a big fan of the CVT in these cars.

My wife’s car is a 2013 Volkswagen Passat - 95,000 problem free miles until this winter the driver’s side door lock actuator is shot. Replacing that today
I would buy a VW again


2003 Volvo XC70. Bought it about 11 years ago, took it to a Volvo specialist and ended up with a very expensive to do list. Worked my way through it. Lots of blood sweat tears and money in the car. Love the turbo. Hate the engineering that didn’t allow for a carrier bering change. Has been a front wheel drive wagon for several years now as I wasn’t going to spend that much just for a simple bering. All in all a very good car that has been reliable and comfortable. Moved to the city several years ago and the gas mileage in the city sucks. However, I don’t drive so much either so I guess it works out;-) Not sure what I am going to do now as it is getting to the point where I should probably do some of the things I did a decade ago again but no longer have a big garage to work in, lacking in motivation and physical flexibility, and not sure I want to put that much into a 20 year old car. OTOH it remains rust free and runs like a watch…