What kind of Cree bulb could this be?

I found this bulb on the ground at work. We make confidential boards for Cree. But there is no information available for me to look this up. It can take 8V and 8A but I don’t have proper cooling to take it further. The most I’ve seen is the part number stats out Mdawht. I put a XHP70B for comparison.

Looks like two XHP70.2s molten together… The Vf looks good for flashlight use, the size and footprint not so much…
Is the dome non-symmetrical or is that an artifact? Might be made for automotive use.

The emitters are off center. The dome is basically jelly bean shaped and perfectly symmetrical.
I’d be willing to ship it to someone for further testing, pushing limits and output.

Sure looks like the new Flip chip design of the second gen’s….

I place my cash on it being a MTG3?

Reminds me of that fish with the extra eye from the Simpsons.

Automotive use was my first guess.

I was searching “multicore” emitters on aliexpress several months back and found a bunch ot similar looking like the one from OP.
They were mostly for car headlights application.
I also saw something similar from headlight of some top class mercedes but that one was like dedomed (flat on top)…

I think this is several no case led chips mounted and domed not by chip manufacture. I supppose chips are Osram.

I think I see bond wires, so in that case it is not a flip chip design.

I found an avatar for you HatsuneMiku :wink:

Thank you everyone for your replies!
I just found another one on the floor. This one appears to have smaller emitters inside, but they all have x’s diagonally through them. Also I don’t see bond wires in this one.

I’ll post a better picture after work if anyone is interested. Also the only leds this big here are all from Cree.

Good eyes Jos, was going by the complete coverage of phosphor? I searched for about 2 hours off and on thru the Cree Automotive/Industrial/Commercial offerings and couldn’t find anything remotely close

I have been searching everywhere too! I finally found a very similar looking led off center and everything.


It’s shape would point towards the led being mounted in a non linear reflector? Like a car or street light?
Apparently it’s a Cree MDA?

Seems to be made for street lighting and is somewhat asymmetric. Makes sense why they wouldn’t advertise it for general use. Datasheet here.

Thank you so much for the data sheet! There’s a lot of information in there. If anyone is interested in testing one out please pm me. I’ll cover the cost of shipping as long as it’s in the US.