What kind of screw is this?

I have nothing that can open it so i need to order a bit, but i don’t know what its called
I tried some scissors and pliers but its very tight


No need to order nothing, just dremel a slot in a flat head bit and use! :wink:

heh, good point…

that was my second thought, but i have no dremel

You can buy security drivers very cheap, or cut a cheap flathead screwdriver with a metal hacksaw just take a notch out of the middle-might work? Or maybe weak and snap

I think if you had a big enough hammer you could get those screws out…

Grab it with a pliers and yank real hard.

I was going to say, what you don't own a hammer?

If those go into plastic then try to find a flat screwdriver that fits as close as possible the slot in the screw and try turning, you won’t get the full torque on the screw but the circular “leverage” might turn the screw, it’s worked for me before.
The other alternative is to buy a security bit set as mentioned, you never know when they might come in handy. :stuck_out_tongue:


It would take a little longer but you can just file a bit down.

i heard somewhere that there is no problem that can’t be solved with enough explosives…

They are in tight, i had a few things that fit but even with pliers for grip i could not get them to move. I can’t yank on the screws themselves because they are embedded about 1/2 inch, the hacksaw could work on a bit, fasttech does not seem to sell this bit (or any single bits)

The bits are commonly available as a 33pc set. Your local discount tool chain will have them for <$10/set. I think you need a northern source or I’d point you to eBay listings such as this one for $5/shipped to USA.

i bought a set of Security Bits that has many of the hard-to-find types, and it included 3 sizes of these at Princess Auto.

Check for left handed threads?

I can say its hella cool…



Ah never mind.

Impact Driver ..But you will still need that elusive hammer .......

Give it hell

my goal is to repair it, its a portable steam cleaner i told a relative i would take a look at

I think it’s called U-type or something along those lines. I dont know the actual name but if you search “U Screwdriver” you’ll find what you’re looking for.
I know this cause i have this type of security screwdriver in my kit and I’ve used it before to open a milkshake blender thing LOL

The bit i have is called “U2.6” and the gap inbetween the two prongs is about 2.6mm

Or u can do what other said and file/remove the middle and use a flathead screwdriver

Whoops just realised someone already answered….waaaaaaay up top