What kind of sorcery is this?

Could it be the exposed wrapper at cathode?

Maybe the LSD makes the meter trip or something?

^Best comment :smiley:

My other AAA are all in great shape (not tear no dent) and I still get the same reading when inserted in the magical tube :slight_smile:

I’m not sure understand you correctly? You mean like the second photo?

I have had the same issue with LSD lol

What’s really going on.


Yeah, but without the battery, because apparently the tube and spring add 1.3 Volts to it, so you should measure the voltage over tube and spring.
So if you can, stick the (+) probe inside the tube touching the spring.
It should read 1.3 Volts somehow.

Speaking of LSD, maybe there’s some acid in the bottom of the tube, maybe from a leaky alkaline?
I don’t know what voltage aluminium and chrome produce, but that could be it.
Does the light work properly?

If there is acid, that would explain the doubling of voltage; acid is the same as LSD, hence its voltage value must be identical.

Looks like you are taking the second, higher, reading with the cell installed and the head off. Looks like the driver is not in the head but in the body and is boosting voltage so the LED can light up. This is the only way a NiMH or AA can work in a flashlight with a single cell. Pretty much everyone who posted before me knows this as well so I must clearly be missing something here. In the second pic are you measuring at the tail with the tail cap off or at the front of the battery tube with the head off? It’s really hard to see exactly what you are doing.

Not possible, because the (+) is not connected to the assumed booster in the tail, which incidentally isn’t there…
It’s just a tube with a spring.

You nailed it!! Acid from alkaline battery that came with it and leaked inside. :THUMBS-UP:

You posted before I could get my edited post saved. So this light has the cell reversed with + in the back like the S1?

Wow. Impressive how solution was found. Kudos.

I have my moments…
But it had to be either that or indeed sorcery. :smiley:
Pretty amazing though that it adds a measurable 1.3 Volts.

Took me several attempts to get this as I have no one here to help me take this photo but here it is.


Obviously it’s not sorcery; it’s all accountable with science.

(picture taken with floating camera)

LOL :smiley:

Captured with drone :smiley:

With voice or gesture command function.

Jerommel, do you think this magic can power the LED on this flashlight (i3s) if connected without the battery (of course I have to use some sort of dummy AAA)?

Asking this because the flashlight wont turn on with this 2V+ but when I use different i3s battery tube, the head is fine.