What kind of sorcery is this?

Hi, can somebody please explain to me what’s happening here as I’m completely clueless :expressionless:

When inserted in Olight i3S battery tube… I get this reading :open_mouth:

Your shorting out the battery. It’s using amperage from the battery so it’s giving you a higher reading. That’s my guess.

The dial is pointing at Volt (exact opposite of current on the meter), so it shouldn’t cause a short.

Is the tube so tight it’s squeezing out more volts?

I assume it’s a NiMH battery.
Mine certainly doesn’t do that.

Its set on Voltage so no shorts. I was too slow to post this :slight_smile:

Technology inspired by the Note 7.

(PS: The tear off is still on your display)

(P.S. Don’t take it off, it will lose value! rofl)

What about other battery?

Wait, did you accidentally drop a button cell in there before placing the AAA?
Otherwise i’m totally clueless about this doubling of the voltage.

I thougt you were measuring on the battery both times, until i realized that the second photo is not the battery, but the top view of your flashlight!

The flashlight obvious uses some sort of step-up converter

lol! Its my spare DMM. Only got that out to confirm my other DMM isn’t the problem :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe the head unit is off. He did mention battery tube.

Yes. Its just the i3S tube.

Tried with different AAA and still the same. :FACEPALM:

I checked out how the inside of the i3S looks like; it’s just a plain tube with a spring in it… So there is no capacitor or something that could bump voltage…

If the multimeter is broken it could still draw power. Also you will have resistance in the battery tube it’s self that could be messing up the reading. It’s not a true rms meter.

My bad, i should have read better before posting.
I haven’t got any clue

Not possible because the (+) of the battery is not connected to anything (except to the meter probe)


So what happens if you stick the (+) probe in the battery tube, measure voltage over tube and spring?