What light? Although totally different, if you only had to choose one small light to always carry around.

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Definitely the BLF E07.

Although a multi-mode sk68 might be nice too...

I have to say neither. If I had to only have one light, I'd pick my ITP C7R over both of these (I'd even choose it over my Xeno E03 or any other 1xaa or smaller light I have). Built like an absolute tank for its size and I can adjust the brightness wherever I want it and since I like having flashy modes available just in case, I am still covered (I like one of the lights I carry to have them), but the interface is such, I never have to worry about having to cycle through them when I don't want them.

How to answer the question when anyone have only seen one of them?

The revised E07 is not on sale yet!

I EDC my Nitecore EX11.2

But the poll is between Sipik (have two) and E07 BLF (I'm waiting). Between these two I choose the E07 because of the small size and choice of modes, I do not like having to use a flashligh only in High mode.

I chose E07 due to the fact that it have multiple modes which is important in my edc. If a light only have one mode but could last the whole night then I could settle for that.

Revised E07, of course. Sipik (and clones) are simply too bright with their one mode.

Sipik is a great little light, but not an EDC for me.

Ps. I'm currently EDC:ing my DQG Tiny II R4. Only time will tell if the revised E07 can take the EDC position from it.

No but if it lives up to its expectations/promisses... :)

Of the two , the Sipik , simply because of the clip .

My current EDC is a Uniquefire AA S-1 with a 14500 .

Small , bright , good beam profile , and a clip .

It has an Osram LED but it has a definitely cool tint .

Guesswork! I prefer my AA S1 then.

AA light are too big for EDC'ing imho. ITP A3 or DQG Tiny II R4 AAA lights are way more practical, but my vote goes to the E07 between the two mentioned, because it is like half the size of the Sipik.

Sipik diameter 26mm , E07 diameter 17mm.

.... and the Hugsby's P31/P32 are still brighter than both.

+1 for the Sipik. With the extra $$ left you can get another Sepik/Sipik clone for back up. Or a $3.50 Coast and still have enough left for a cup of coffee

Of the two the Tank. The Sipik has too many edges (plus I don't like zoomies).

the sipik is a not nice design it's way too odd and hard to handle ..the real 8o$ nitecore sucks too it's just a weird little lite that just tries to be oddly cool .. just buy a square car instead or date a girl with green hair and multiple studs . I like aflood to throw lights but I'd suggest buying an edi-t one or something more interesting.

My 2 buck MDXL 1 "AAA"!