What light do you have mounted to your rifle?

I’ve had an old SolarForce L2 mounted to my AR-15 for years now, and I’m looking to find something newer. I was hoping the Convoy S2+ with the shortened tube would fit, but the diameter of the tube is just too small. My mount takes a 1 inch diameter flashlight, which is exactly the diameter of the SolarForce L2, but most of these EDC tube lights are a about 1.6mm too small. Having this huge light at the end of the rifle makes it pretty heavy while standing and shooting, which is why I’m looking for something shorter, in the 1 inch diameter arena.

Pretty dated emitter: XML U2

The beauty of the mount is that it is under the rifle, so it doesn’t get in the way of your line of sight. The shoulder strap sling butts up against the tail cap of the light, so while I have my hand on the forward grip, I can easily turn the light on and off with 1 finger.

I’d like something shorter, at about a 25.5mm diameter, that keeps all of the functionality of my current setup, just not quite as heavy. I was considering just updating my light by building a P60 drop in with a XM-L2 U4 and a FET, but after reading up on wrapping the drop in, slapping in a smaller light might be a better route for me.

Feel free to share your setups :beer:

I would just wrap the S2+ with some kydex or sheet rubber to get it up to the mount diameter…. The S2+ gives a good amount of light close up… A triple with a FET and wide optics would be a star on the end of the rifle, pretty impossible to see past I would think…

An XPL HI in an S2 head with the deeper reflector would increase throw a bit… A FET driver with Guppydrv has the option to go 100% only, Strobe and 100% or a boatload of other levels and options. Pack spare batteries though, the 18350/16340’s sacrafice runtime for sure…

Since i got several rifles i have several mounted flashlights, on my 300 magnum i am currently using UF 1504 side mounted, on my carbon Ak103 i have C8 or EE X6 Or Olight M22 or M2X again side mouned: it demepnds on the case
Here, i know its heavy but i use it as a sniper rifle and its tuned to shoot at 450- 550 meters

On my Browning 308 Win i am using UF 1505 IR modded flashlight, again side mounted

I have the Solarforce L2P mounted. At first I had the L2 and it looked like this: