What light is best for hunting...

I'm thinking about going on a hunting trip and want your advice on what is the best light for this type of hunting. The info I need is:

Best size light:

Best lumen output:

Best battery choice:

Best tint:

Best run time:

Best waterproofing:

Best price:

Best heat sinking:

Best reverse osmosis:

Best throw:

Best flood:

Best throw-to-flood ratio:

Best lux:

Best light box results:

Best hot spot:

Best spill:

I'm sure there are more things I should be concerned with but hunting this particular thing is really difficult so I really need all of you to chime in with your advice.

The reason for all my questions is I hear there are a LOT of very mean, very nasty, very dangerous white walls out there. And I hear white wall hunting is a HUGE sport these days. So I'm going to take up white wall hunting. I plan to kill every white wall I see. And of course I will need a great flashlight to see the white wall before I can kill it, which is why I asked all those questions.

Please enlighten me on a good flashlight that I can use to show a white wall clearly enough to kill it.

Thanks for your help. ;)

haha...ceilings are the new walls. ;)

Price range ?

Batteries you want to run ?

Distance you plan to shoot ?

Mounted on rifle ?

But , check out the Trustfire T2 , any large head XR-E , any XM-L .

I presume you intend to mount the light on a SprayGun loaded with Magnum Magnolia (its deadly to white walls), so you might want to add Best Paint Splash Resistance to you list of specs. At the same time you might want to remove Best Spill from the list as its never a good idea with that combination.