What light (s) would this be?

What light(s) would this be if any? A single 18650 light roughly the size of a P60 with 3 modes and no strobe and smooth bezel with a XP-G or XM-L with a head that you could get into to diffuse the beam (from the inside) and that has a side switch rather than tail switch. Momentary feature would be a bonus.

Does Zebralight have something like that in 18650 with perhaps a frosted lens option? Does anyone else have a side switch as opposed to control ring or tail switch?

I suppose there are no budget 18650 side switch lights.

how about http://www.spark001.com/Products.aspx?ProductID=12

That looks like one option. Anything less expensive. Output doesn’t need to be more than 300 lumens. I do need for it to be diffused however.

Trustfire T2. 5 mode though

T2. Another one to consider. I wish it was all black and with a smoother tail cap and bezel. There’s always something I don’t like along with the strobes :slight_smile: