What? -> Lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2)

Anybody knows about this chemistry?

Interesting, those 1/2 AA batteries http://cgi.ebay.es/2-x-14250-LS14250-1-2-AA-3-6v-Lithium-Battery-SAFT-LS-/140480258720?pt=US_Batteries&hash=item20b546a2a0

But ¿what chargers to use?

I never had seen this chemistry!

High capacity, very long storage life, tolerates very low operating temperatures etc. Mostly used for low drain electronics. Also, has toxic electrolytes and a has tendency to explode if mistreated. Useful for smoke detectors and radiation monitors. I have a radiation monitor which is powered by one such cell.

More info here: Wikipedia

They aren't rechargeable. Apple computers until recently used these cells to maintain memory. They last for years.

Thionyl chloride is nasty stuff - you really don't want to open one of these.

I just digged up this thread because i need batteries exactly like those.
Is there any chance to find those ones but rechargeable? I have some equipment that uses this battery but consumes it in only a couple of months.
If rechargeable is not an option, can you suggest me a seller that is worth trusting?

Thank you in advance your advice can be very helpful

As far as I know, no variant of the lithium thionyl chloride chemistry is rechargeable other than by remaking the cell.

If the drain is low you could try a 14250 cell but beware the voltage - fully charged they are 4.2V, the LiSOCl2 cells are around 3.7.

The device may, or may not handle the extra voltage.

You can get the cells from DX for $3 or thereabouts but they aren’t all that good. Ooops –0 it is now $6

If they are genuine Saft cells, which i doubt, they are very good quality.

A CR2 cell might fit - they are 15mm in diameter by 26.6mm long.

I see, thank you for your reply.

I gave it a shot with some like the ones in the picture below but it doesn’t even power up.

I have five of the devices that take one battery each, if you consider that i need replacement every couple of months its an expense.

Were do you suggest to buy from in order to get the good quality originals.



It’a probably best to try to get them locally - shipping is likely to be expensive.

All of these are the equivalent cells.

Tadiran TL-5902,
Tadiran TL-2150,
Tadiran TL-5151,
Tadiran TL-4902,
Tadiran TL-5101,
Tadiran TL-5111,
Saft LS-14250,
Saft LS-14250C,
Sonnenschein SL-350/S,
Sonnenschein SL-750/S,
Sonnenschein SL-150/S,
Maxell ER3S,
Maxell ER3S-TC,
Minamoto ER14250.

Here are the cheapest ones I could find.

You have been more than helpful, i will purchase some and then i will feedback