What odd (uncommon) lights you like ...and would recommend .

Everyone knows the most widely ,commonly recommended lights. like a solarforce L2, or a Tank007-701,Romisen RC-G2 ..etc..


What rarely discussed lights would you recommend... ?

Here's a few off the top of my head

-Small sun zy c-55..older one mode ,side switch , bright , Q3,good tint ,cheap ,takes a 16340,a cr123 ..OR a AA.

-Edi-t 16340 flood to throw from DX.impressive amount of light,well chosen low setting and as always ..says " play with me"..

EDI - make good mod hosts if you can pick them up cheap , try LT .

Brinkmann Armormax lights. XR-E emitters, you can find the 1xAA 60 lumen and 3xAAA 140 lumen versions on retail store shelves for under $20. FRN bodies so the heatsinking's not great, but tough lights. I gave one to my dad for an emergency light.

I like this one: small sun zy c-55..older one mode ,side switch , bright , Q3,good tint

Not sure it qualifies but here it is.


My wife is very impresed with it.The runtime with junk AAA rechargeabels is unbelivable!

My complaint it would be the slight blue tint but she doesen't mind at all. Im inclined toward the change of leds to warm white if i manage to pick the interest to do so.