What out throws a C8?

Just curious, i know a dedomed emitter will throw further, but in the domed emitter world what options are there in XM-L(2)

Any light with a 50+mm or larger reflector—assuming, of course, we are considering equal die size. Anything smaller than XM-L2 (XP-E, XR-E, XP-G2, XP-E2) should handily outthrow an XM-L given the same reflector size.

HD2010, BTU Shocker, and the “high end” lights like the TN31, Supbeam K40, etc. :slight_smile:

Just to mention some specific examples below 30$

ZY-T08 (About 22,5$ with coupon code)

ZY-T13 (About 22,5$ with coupon code

TR-J18 single thrower (Around 23$)

ZY-T619 (About 23,5$ with coupon code, Single cell thrower, hollow pill and uses 25mm MCPCB (copper MCPCB is not an easy replacement) not as wide reflector but quite deep (limits spill a little bit). Only needs resistance mods to push the stock emitter to 4A, and its close to 3A stock, and it starts on high every time, which is nice for a thrower IMO)

HD2010 (About 28,5 with coupon code)

ZY-T16 (29$, not sure if its cheaper elsewhere)

Most of these lights are quite popular and are easy to find a review off. All can be fairly easily modded to much higher output too.

Most only have about 2amps to the emitter. Most of them have pretty much the same reflector width and throw. HD2010 might be be the brightest light stock if you get the right driver, but that requires luck.

What makes them throw further, the angle of the reflector or a wider reflector?

You could do a Home Depot DST, they are Now just 16.97 to 12 dollars depending on your location. Change to an AR Lens from:


You need the 64mm one …

The general shape and visible tightness of the beam is determined by the reflector depth, but the wideness of the reflector is what angles out more light going forward. This is what enables a large reflector’s spot to stay focused out over longer ranges. A reflector can be very deep and yet not really throw that well over long distances. Hence, the importance of reflector size (width).

i find this kind of confusing, i’m a very visual learner so if there were an illustration of this it would really help me understand

i have a DST & a SR90 that outthrows all my C8’s i have so far. But for its size, there are very fiew lights in that size range & single-18650 cell catagory that can match it or out throw it. ( maybe one of those Recoil-Throwers might do it.

I’ve seen that posted a lot, but I was looking into A60’s and C8’s, perusing while the anti-lithium crap in china is going down, and I came across a gallery posted by Tom. His C8 outthrew his HD2010 by a ridiculous amount. IIRC… I’ll see if I can’t find that link again.

Edit: I wasn’t paying enough attention; C8 is dedomed vs hd2010 dome Slideshow

I find it confusing too. But my take on it is this. Throw is largely dictated by two things:

1. Actual reflector width. So a larger reflector will throw further.

2. LED size relative to reflector. Small LEDs, while emitting less lumens have a higher surface brightness. This means given the same size reflector they will typically throw further, e.g. an XR-E p60 vs an XM-L p60. Although the beam/hot spot will be smaller and the spill less bright.

Other things that can affect it:

-Focus. Not all lights have the LED optimised for throw. An easy way to think of this is consider an old D cell Maglite. Despite not having the largest reflector, you could still focus the light into a very tight beam, which made even the old incan ones pretty good throwers. The downside of a tightly focused beam however, is a smaller hot spot and when pointed at objects closer to you, you get a donut hole in the beam. Hence why Mag’s are focusable, to allow the user to remove the donut hole.

-Output. More lumens will always be good, but relative to the other factors already mentioned.

I believe reflector depth will have more of a bearing over the spill beam, rather than the hot spot. This is only a guess, but I think a deep reflector will generally have a more narrow, but brighter spill beam. While a shallow reflector will have a much wider spill beam, but less bright. But the hot spot on either could be very similar assuming the same Led and reflector width.