What programmer do you use?

Like the subject line says, what do you guys use to program the Attiny MCU’s?
I’m on the final leg of acquiring parts and tools to start building my own drivers, like the Texas Avenger 20mm FET+7.
Even though I know I need an SOIC8 clamp, I’m stuck on what programmer to procure since there are so many to choose from on Amazon.

I used this one. Always a successful flash.


I listed the parts I bought in this FLash my SP36 thread.

As far as I can tell, most or all of the USBASP adapters that look the same will work the same. I can only state as fact that the one I got works, but I’m likely to grab a few more cheap ones from China to experiment on / with.

I use the USBasp — you can buy it for about $5 on Ebay or even cheaper on AliExpress. You can even buy them on Amazon. I found that I had to install the slow SCK jumper before it would talk to ATTINY13 chips though. At that price, I bought several, which allowed me to use one to update the firmware on another, which was nice, though not entirely essential. I bought two on Ebay, and two from China. One of the four was DOA, so I was glad to buy several, and at that price and with long shipping times from Asia, it only makes sense.

Thanks guys!
Got a USBAsp on the way!
Little over $10 with the SOIC8 clip off Amazon :wink:

okay… Now I’m stuck again!
What do I need to do to program an Attiny85 for the TA 20mm Driver?
Or… What you guys do?

Have an Android phone?
Here is a vid about programming with a pin programmer.

Works with a clip too…just plug the USB programmer in the phone with an OTG cable.

Otherwise will need a program called AVRDude downloaded and running on a Windows computer.

Read this thread about the Emisar D4v2. Same principles, just a different flashlight and uses pogo pins instead of a clip.

Here is another thread about wiring the clip to the USBprogrammer:

The chip is a different one, but the method the same.

Do you have the hex files to put on the chip?

I am not versed enough to suggest what files to flash on your driver and LED setup :frowning:

Most of my problem is getting the programmer to actually do something.
Since TexasAce was kind enough to package everything into one ZIP file, it includes AVRDude.
Also, because I have a Win10 Computer, figured out how to get a driver installed for the ASPAsp… and right now nosing about for a GUI or something that will interface with it.

Found THIS
Hmmm… Not getting a response from target. yay, more research needed :stuck_out_tongue: