what rechargable 16340's for my romisen rc a4

i love this little light. i am running energizer primaries in it right now but what to get some protected 16340's. i heard it can be really tight in there. will protected tf flames fit? thanks guys.


If it can handle longer 16340...

And you can find them , Solarforce 16340 Blue and white V2 batteries


Trustfire Flame 16340 = Not sure if counterfiet cells are a issue ... But the good ones are good .

Or just shell out for the AW 16340 ...

The 16340 market is a bit of a minefield , so makes it hard to recomend something

Trustfire Flame 16340s from DX have been really good performers for me 2.7 amps max and about 750mAh. I have some 16340 AW IMRs from Lighthound, not worth the money in my opinion. I also have some 16340 bestinone IMRs and the Trustfires are just as strong so I would recommend the Trustfires from DX.