What rechargeable 18650 battery's do u use

Looking to see what rechargeable 18650 battery’s u guys use and charger

I’m building a large flashlight and It takes 4 18650 batterys and would like the protected, I need to build a holder for them as well any suggestions

Looking for good runtime with them so I’m not charging it every 30min :slight_smile:

what emitter to use ?
batteries series or parallel ?

I use 2600 mah Protected Hi-Max, and have a Turnigy Accucell 8150 charger and a Ultrafire WF-139 charger to charge them. The Turnigy gets the cells to 4.17 - 4.19 V and the ultrafire tops them off to full capacity in about 20 minutes afterwards.

Well I’m using 4 ez900 LEDs And going to be pushing them at 1.5a each and I’m not 100% sure on the battery’s parallel or series

I’m using Tenergy 2600mah w/ protection, and a Tf100 charger to charge them. Cost about $30 for the two cells and charger from battery junction.

Started in cpf land, so the default AW 2900s, Pila charger; discovered BLF, got a few Xtar 2600s, then some clear wrapped Panny 3100s. Tried to get swanky 3400s, but no luck this time. (sigh. props to wesco for trying.)

Senybor 3100mAh protected, and Panasonic CGR18650CH 2250mAh.

Do u have a decimal place u buy those at ?

I bought a pair of each from Torchythebatteryboy’s ebay store. The Senybor’s are out of stock at the moment, but here’s a link to a single Panasonic http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Panasonic-IMR-CGR18650CH-10A-discharge-3-7v-18650-li-Ion-battery-with-tabs-/300742464749?pt=UK_ConsumerElectronics_Batteries_SM&hash=item4605a5d4ed#ht_3337wt_1151

Thanks I’m looking for a 3100 mah so run time is a lil bit longer Aw’s battery is 20 bucks a piece but that over kill on my build since it takes 4 18650 lol

I use Panasonic unprotected 2400, TF 2400 flames protected, and Xtar 2600 protected

No problem.
I’m sure the AW’s are good, but it looks like you can get equal quality for much less money.
The Senybor’s use Panasonic cells inside, and seem high quality.

Similar to Ruffles above, I started with AW 2200s, then 2900s ($ouch$), then XTAR 2600s. I use an XTAR WP6 II charger.

If your looking for a great multiple battery charger this one has great reviews and I personally own it and think its great. It charges many types and sizes of batteries so is super versatile. And it charges 4 at a time. Redirect Notice

Looks nice now deciding on what brand of batterys I want

Keeppower or Xtar

And does that charger have a cut off point ???

I only use protected batteries, but from what I hear the sysmax reliable brings a charge to 4.20 volts.

Why not four decent, but cheap, batteries. Just buy extras with all the money you save and you can always have a set charged :slight_smile:

I’m curious to try the protected panasonic 3100s from DX. Best high-performance batteries at a decent price might be the protected 3100’s from illuminationgear.

I’m still running a bunch of Redilast 3100mah 18650’s from a year or two ago!!! They last about a week in my SC600w so they have been through a few cycles :wink:

I charge em on CottonPickers USB Li-Ion charger, always does a great job!

Cheap batteries in the cheap chargers :wink:

-Jamie M.

I like Hi-Max 2600 batteries, I think I have 10 of them, along with a batch of Rev Jims generics which work just fine.

Where do you buy your Hi-Max, and do you test them with a hobby charger?