What’s your emergency power supply at home?

Power outages can happen anytime, anywhere. And the sudden power outages are really annoying. Securing an emergency power supply in advance will help make a difficult situation better. So how do you prepare for sudden power outages?

There are some common alternative emergency energy solutions:

1.An emergency generator. Like the solar generator, which uses renewable energy sources and gains popularity. A single panel or multiple panels’ solar generator mounts directly to the roof or ground-mount framing. Actually, no matter it’s a solar powered system fuel-powered generator, or wind generator, it can be easily stored and utilized at various locations. It can give your household the needed power for some essential electronic devices when utility power is cut.

2.The household portable battery storage power station. It gets increasingly popular, no matter as emergency power supply or power station for camping outdoor adventures. It’s portable and reliable, can provide environment friendly power solutions at home or outdoors.

3.Some portable options. For short outages, a reliable EDC flashlight can be easy to use, and find your way in darkness. Besides, a portable USB backup power bank is necessary for charging your cell phones and other small electronics.

Have you prepared the gears mentioned above?

We went with a multi fuel (gasoline/natural gas) Honda EU6500is generator and an 8-breaker transfer switch. It allows us to run everything necessary, plus a few non-essential luxuries (like TV, internet, etc.). It also allows me to haul it to remote locations for temporary service, which I sometimes need to.

I suppose we could have managed with something a bit smaller, like an EU3000is or equivalent, which is lighter and easier to move around, but my goal was reliability and durability without straining the capacity of the unit. It was expensive, but I’m of the “buy once, cry once” crowd. I cannot tolerate equipment failure with inferior pieces of critical equipment. When it comes to small portable gasoline generators, for me it’s Honda or Yamaha, period.

For smaller day to day portability, of course there is an embarrassingly large array of flashlights and lamps.

I would get a small gas generator though.
And not run microwave, oven, air conditioner, electric heaters.
Just frig, computers, tv maybe.

Just had a blackout here for one day, and a gas-fired genny would’ve been really nice.

Had hot water, as the heater didn’t need electricity (still fascinated by that, need to find out why), but didn’t have house-heat because that needed the 12V or 24V from the bell transformer to fire it.

B’harni knows I had enough lights’n’lanterns for me and the cats (hey, I don’t want them “missing” their litterbox), and was able to cook and had hot water, even to soak in a nice long scorching shower to warm up, but had to keep the fridge closed for as long as possible, etc. Having alternate power would’ve been a B’harni-send.

Bunch of fully-charged powerbanks kept my goodies (re)charged, but one that had 12V/24V/usb/120VAC didn’t (Pb-acid, not Li-ion), so I couldn’t even grind my coffee beans. :confounded: Need to remember that, too, for any “next time”.

I’d also invest in a “heatilator” in case everything goes out, so at least I could burn wood, newspapers, coal, anything for inside heat.

And mine was the only house on the block which still had Christmas lights lit, ’cause I got solar-powered “fairy-lights”. :laughing:

I have a 6000w gen set. We have natural gas, so all it has to do is run furnace fans and the fridge. Other than the noise outside, I forget we even have a power outage. Except of course, we have to use cell phone hotspots for internet

Did it need power to ‘fire it’ or did it need power to run the pump that pumps the water round your radiators?

Two 22Ah AGM/SLA batteries and a 12Ah jobbie.

They run 12vdc chargers and fans when my power craps out during hurricane season.


I just got a RockPals 300w and a 60w solar panel is on the way. I’m sure a duel fuel generator is soon to be had….
I pre-empted the smoke storm generated by the fires up river earlier this year as I had purchased a couple of Levoit air purifiers and extra filters in anticipation and now I’m trying to do the same for what I suspect will be an issue in the near future…. That earthquake has got to be coming soon. :beer:

Lots of flashlights and I have power banks. Our power doesn’t go out enough to justify anything fancy. We have maybe 1 outage per year, maybe less and only for a few hours at a time or less, usually less.

A crap-ton of liths to power lights and usb supplies.
5 UPSs of various outputs with some extra charged batts.
The second cheapest Harbor Freight gas generator.
Ran it enough to be sure it worked. Added stabul to the gas and am waiting for the long dark night…
Oh let us not forget down quilts and sleeping bags for us and the last cat, who turned 21 this year.
All the Best,

There’s a product called BioBor for gas engines that supposedly works better than stabil. It’s super popular for RV’ers and boaters who store gas all season, plus neutralizes ethanol and has corrosion inhibitors and lubricants. Good stuff.

Just fire it. Steam heat, not radiant-heat or whatever it’s called (network of pipes in the floor).

Central boiler cooks the water, steam rises up throughout the pipework, heats the radiators, condensed water drips down the same pipes back into the boiler. Beautiful design in its simplicity. :laughing:

I’ve seen “forced-air” systems that don’t even use fans, just rely on hot air rising to waft up the ventwork. I love passive systems like that. That much less to go worng…

Just wait ’til the Yellowstone Caldera blows…

That’s it, man. Game over, man! Game over!

I do like the sound of that! Haven’t heard of that before. It’s 90% radiators or underfloor heating in this country with a pump for the water. But yes, these can and do fail.

Yeah, I’ve been unnerved by whooshing gurgling water in baseboard systems. Like living next to a brook… and not in a good way.

Guess the problem is that 1- or 2-pipe steam-heat is seen as old-tek, therefore inferior. Ain’t easy to control with “smart” thermostats, especially those that allow for multiple zones. But it’s as simple as adjusting the doodad on the side of the radiator to control how much of its “share” of steam each radiator gets.

Run ethanol free gas only. Even with stabilizer carbs get corroded. Just changed the carb on my buddies newish snow blower. For the buck more a gallon it is worth it. Happy birthday to the cat.

I have two Honda EU3000i generators.
I have a GenTran 6370C parallel kit, in case I need a little more power.
But have only needed to run one at a time.

I have a small gas generator (enough to power my fridges) and a number of solar panels for charging small devices/batteries.

I had a Hyundai 2000 watt inverter generator I bought in 2012 . It sat in the garage till this year . We had a power outage and It started on second pull. Ran for 6 hours and stopped. Spend the better part of 3 days trying to figure it out.

I threw in the towel and gave it to my nephew . He is a engineer of some sort .

He took the carb off and saw a tiny hose clamp in the engine that was wedged under a valve. He managed to get it out without complete disassembly . It then started right up .

I replaced it with a dual fuel Champion generator of 3500 watts and a dual fuel 1800 watt inverter generator.

I absolutely do not want to be without power again.

I like dual fuel because Propane can be stored for a long time without going bad.

just like Tumbleweed48…generator (well, 3) and transfer switch.
kerosene heater (4, actually) and replacement wicks, etc.
fuel for all that, too.

was without power for two weeks after an ice storm.
we stayed warm and our neighbors moved in.
i hated their cat.