What should I do with my SF L2R host?

I’ve had an old Solarforce L2R host that’s been sitting empty for a couple years (terrible I know)

I’ve always intended to turn it into some kind of emergency light but picked up a surefire E2L-AA for this purpose.

I’d like to do something with my L2R but stick with AA’s. My question is what route/drop-in should I take? Anything super bright out there? I was also thinking about installing a Mcclicky in the tail switch.

Malkoff M31 low voltage (.8-3.3v) drop in works great. About 280 OTF lumens, then tapers off as the power in the batteries gets used up. I am not sure if the McClicky will fit in that Solarforce L2r tail cap. You may want to double check.

I never really used mine until I put a Nichia 219 into a SF low voltage drop in…love it now, fantastic AA light.

I might still have an adapter ring to fit a McClicky into a skinny L2r tail cap.

You should send it to me and I will dispose of it properly… :party: