What should i do with my spare head?

I had ordered a Keygos M10, but the spring broke off the driver 2 days after it came.
Keygos sent me a replacement head, so any ideas what can i do with it?

Just to clarify, it has the head of the flashlight, pill, driver, XM-L, reflector and glass.

That title is the best :smiley:

Save it for your 1000th post giveaway?

@Jakey: I thought so, whats the point of starting a thread if the title is needlessly boring

@rojos, what would anyone else do with it without the body if i did give it away (plus the shipping from here would cost almost as much as buying a flashlight and getting delivered from the website)

Get someone to machine a body.. or do a hack job with some body you have. Maglite maybe.

There is a state here in Australia named Tasmania that is well know world wide for producing 2 headed people, I am sure one of them would be well versed in uses of a spare head. :slight_smile:

Reminded me of this! :bigsmile:


with my spare mag head. It works great. I run it off a cell phone charger at 1amp gives off enough light but not too much as to cause eyestrain and glares.

if I had a spare head I would build another one

Hold on to it; we will Frankenstein it into something this spring :wink:

19th century experiment combined with modern LED technology, we may end up starting the zombie scare the CDC is worried about, we better hope the disclaimers we sign are truly airtight

You can always stick it where the sun don’t shine… J)

what have i done to earn your disrespect? :expressionless:

Pure jealously. You have two heads, and I only have one. :frowning:

prices are negotiable, and with the proper charitable contribution you can reduce that 90% tax rate

you could attach it to a bike for example and drive it from external accupack :slight_smile:

i just had one of those i should have thought of that moments, it is an excellent idea, thank you :smiley:

I don't know either, but BLF members continue to amaze me with their creativity. I'm sure someone could find a good use for it.

Ooops, I got here late, but I agree with the bike light idea, you need to think the way to attach it to the handlebar or wherever you want.
Something like this https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/14744