what software and hardware to track amps/volts/lumens?

hi all, i want to start gathering data of my lights on my laptop. I just have a square measuring box right now with a dr meter but i want more data.

I have one of the Ruideng power supplies for testing LVP. The software could use an update, but it does the trick.

UT210E clamp meter for amps

A calibrated light from maukka and you could DIY a lumen reading

Is the calibrated light simply to do a calibration on the lumen box to get an accurate reading for all the other lights being tested?

Yea. A box may need some tweaks but there is some good info on the forum for DIY boxes like you probably have

Awesome, yeah I just have a styrofoam box. Thx for the calibration light tip.

Such a great help for those of us who struggle.