What the heck are these Ultrafires doing at FastTech?

Looks dangerous… were they disassembled from a bomb or something?
The plethora of choices makes me dizzy as well.


The cells in the picture are ‘tabbed’ to allow cells to be connected together in to packs. The tabs are thin metal sheets, or braids, that are soldered or spot welded between cells to make the connections in a pack.

So, the tabs may look odd if you are used to seeing individual cells, but aren’t in and of themselves anything to worry about.

Having said that, while a tabbed cell is not necessarily anything to be avoided (assuming that the cells are new cells to make a battery pack, and that they have not been pulled out of a used battery pack), Ultrafire cells are best avoided anyway.

I think that is the main point. With UF cells, you never know what you are going to get. :frowning:

I thought we were rallying to get rid of UF batteries from FT. too bad cause I don't think they're very good... at least the ones I've looked at. Looking at HKJs battery research we see they're poor quality. for an example (UF 3000mAh, UF 4000mAh)

Tear apart your laptop battery pack and you'll find tabbed batteries. (pic)

Yeah, I’m not quite sure if they didn’t remove the tabs because they were too lazy or wanted us to build something with it.

There’re about twenty Ultrafire battery choices. :smiley:

I would guess they are trying to cater to the DIY fix-your-dead power tool power pack crowd. Look just like the cells I pull from computer power packs or li-ion tool power packs. The tabs just pull off with needle nose, but would be very hard to solder on the batteries if you needed them there. Applying the heat necessary to solder those tabs without a commercial tab-soldering unit would pretty much guarantee demise of the battery. But I sure wouldn’t be using *fire cells in any power pack I own.

UF´s in batterypacks??
horror…… :Sp

Those things are defiantly scary looking.

:frowning: I got suckered into buying 4 of the button top ones on ebay. I did get a refund but I’ve still got to get them to the recycling bin. I took the risk and charged one up for a test, crapped out on a 500mA discharge test after less than 15 minutes.

I’m really disappointed FT are stocking these.