WHat to do with dead Sunwayman T40cs

Well after lots of playing around with the head, and taking the circuit on and off a few ‘diodes’ came off and can’t seem to find them. Light obviously doesn’t turn on, and i’m thinking if the torch is useful for anything before i throw it in the bin.

I have basic soldering skills, but don’t know if there is any point keeping it or should i just buy a new torch?

Thats a pic of the circuit from my iphone

Measure the dia of the circuit board and post here. You may be able to find another driver board and swap them over to fix it?

I just measured it up with some digital calipers.

Diameter is 23.4mm.

Sunwayman is really good with customer service,they will likely charge for parts and postage.Finding a driver with a side switch rated at 8.4v will probably be difficult,unless you can mod a retaining ring to fit another driver.Drop them an email just to see what they will do and don’t throw it away,I would take that host in a second.Hope that helps.

you should at least emailed them about this matter just like DARCANGEL said,maybe they can give you a solution :slight_smile:

Yes what they said^ first. If SWM can’t help then mosd it or sell it as a host to someone on BLF