what to do?

I have an old Mag Lite 3D cell light. I also have a Streamlight Stinger. These lights have long since been retired by Solarforce L2Ms. Both lights are incandescent bulbs. I was wondering if there were any led drop ins for these old girls?
What would you all do?

Easiest solution would be a simple bulb swap.


I’ve seen the Terralux bulb recommended quite often. It’s a great upgrade from your standard incandescent bulb.

Next easiest, but far more expensive would be a custom drop in.


I’m uncertain of their service having never personally bought one, but I see them recommended and praised frequently when searching around.

Next easiest, extremely inexpensive, floody/non-focus-able, but requires a bit of soldering.

And the rabbit hole goes on forever…. Search for maglite mods in this forum. Crazy amazing things have been made here.

+1 on the Terralux, I did this, its easy, fairly cheap and when you turn it on, you will be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

Ok. That fixes the old maglite. So now what for the streamlight?

Malkoff has drop ins for streamlight as well, but I have not heard anything about them.


Not sure what the Stinger cost new or if this is worthwhile for the money, but there’s one option with great reviews.