what tools do i need to mod?

i don’t have any tools to mod lights…
and i don’t know what i need to start with…

i can see i need a spanner wrench
can someone suggest the best adjustable spanner ??
i mean the best at a reasonable price…
there’s none at home depot or sears B&M
but online i don’t have a clue which is best

and what other tools are used most often ??

i need to change the o-rings in some zoom lights (18650 and 26650 size)
and i can’t get the zoom slide off ….

how do i get the darn thing off ???


Usually, you would need a pair of Needlenose Pliers to remove the pill first. Once the pill is removed, you should be able to remove the zoom slider.

I don’t know of a good recommendation for tools (someone here will be better equipped to offer a good tool kit) but Spanners and Wrenches will most likely prove difficult to contend with.

A good soldering iron and wire strippers will help too.



Circlip pliers (cheapy at Harbor Freight, for instance), stainless steel hemostats, SS tweezers, or sharpen the tips on some old needlenose pliers.

Hi there, I work on watches and see smaller adjustable spanners for removing wrist watch backs on eBay all the time. Prices vary, but consider spending a little more then minimum; you will get a sturdier tool and not be buying replacements all the time. Good Luck! Grumppa

ive got an ancient compass (the kind to draw circles), and i put a nail where the pencil goes. works a treat for removing pills and opening up tail caps

Circlip pliers and a set of tweezers from intloutdoor are my weapons of choice.

Here’s a thread on zoomy disassembly.


Here’s my thread on assembling a diy host, you’ll see a lot of the tools necessary in here and get an idea of the assembly of a light.