What would you do differently if you started get into flashlights?

What would you do differently if you would get into flashlights right now?

Skip the eBay junk?

Get a better charger from the get go?

Spend more money on a soldering iron?

Let your other half manage your money?

Don't become friend with the mail delivery guy?

Get a larger cupboard?

Build a secret hiding place before you told your family about your new addition?

Get a Zebralight and be done with it?

I would not buy one today, because I Would know something better will come out tomorrow.

Think how much money I would have saved.

Interesting question. I would do nothing different. I got into real performance flashlights October, 2014, with the Four Sevens MMU-X3. I quickly decided that my range was the Acebeam Eagletac Fenix Four-Sevens Manker Nitecore Niwalker Noctigon Olight Thrunite niche.

That is, I quickly decided that I was done with the routine ultra junk that I struggled with for decades, and after spending time and effort in reading about real performance flashlights in various forums on the world wide web, I decided to also simply skip the HDS LRI Malkoff McGizmo Muyshondt Okluma Oveready Peak Pelicans Prometheus TexasLumens TNC class of flashlights, even though they are very nice, and lots of nice people enjoy them.

I think I did well with sticking with the niche that I selected. I have not yet purchased any Armytek Elzetta JetBeam Klarus MecArmy Streamlight Sunwayman Surefire Zebralight lights. Before I do, I want to add Astrolux Fireflies and Sofirn to my collection.

I very much like the Emisar, Imalent, Lumintop, and Nightwatch that I have focused on recently.

That reminds me. The only thing I messed up on was not ordering half a crate of single 21700 cell Nightwatch NSX53 triple XHP50.2 before the supply dried up.

Of people, places and things, people are far and away the most important. In the category of secular things, the most spiritual things are flashlights. Whatever amount of spiritual happiness I can derive from secular things, flashlights have far and away given me the most.

Not buy anything until Convoy was created and then use it as my base line.

I have drawers full of “fire” lights that I …… a) do not even think about using anymore or b) broke trying to mod them into what Convoy has to offer now at the same price.

I always was restrained about flashlights. Most of them are crap. There is only a few worth buying and using.
And yes, Zebralight is one of them :slight_smile: I edc SC600W MKIII Hi. Just perfect light.
I also build a few, modded a few, killed a few.
Nowadays full regulated max mode, tint and high CRI is a key factor.

1. Start with cheap-but-not-too-cheap to learn what kinds of lights do I want before buying expensive stuff
2. Not buy multiple copies of the same light because it’s so cheap. I don’t have many redundancies like this…but I have some and it’s just a waste.

I seriously got into this hobby in 2017 after being interested for a long time. The tech has changed so much in 10 years. Not much changed since 2017 though so tech has hit sort of a ceiling.

Here’s what I learned:
Get a good soldering iron
The right tools are important for modding
You usually get what you pay for
Research things
Be careful buying from China, i.e. shop smart
Buy good batteries

Be more selective with lights.

Don’t buy Li-ion batteries on Amazon.

Now that you’ve mentioned it: Buying a 16340 Zebra. And a 47s mini Turbo while they were available.

We learn from our mistakes, so there are plenty of flashlights that I would not buy.

I would just get the ones I really like, which is a very short list.

It’s been a fun journey so far. I did get some ZebraLights early on, but it was more fun to modify and make my own flashlights. I should’ve gotten a better soldering iron sooner.

And I shouldn’t have made that spreadsheet that lists all the flashlights that I’ve purchased and made over the years. The grand total was quite the surprise! :person_facepalming:

It’d be nice to start out knowing that “long-throw” isn’t really as useful as flood most of the time.

1. Start with a cheaper light
2. Maybe start with high CRI from the get go as well
3. Actually ask for flashlight recommendations in addition to doing individual research
4. Buying batteries either before or at the same time as getting a light

I’m just starting now. Think i’m doing good with emisar d4v2 and sofirn sc31b :slight_smile:

I purchased one light from Ebay with 2 x 18650 and a T6 led zoomie and it sparked my interest. It was very bright compared my previous lights.
But I never purchased another one from Ebay after finding BLF.
Sirstinky , my experience also :+1:

I would probably start with some Convoy or Sofirn flashlights. Pay a little more for good batteries and skip the eBay stuff. Pay a little more for a good charger.

Don’t remember the date I started, a little after the Fenix LD20 was released.

If I started over, I’d focus on quality over quantity for cells- skip the dubious li-ion cells from banggood etc and spend the money on cells from reliable sources.

Get into the habit of selling what I don’t like rather than hording on the chance I’ll mod it to my liking.

Agree about not buying duplicates of lights because they’re on offer.

Probably would do things differently (buy less), but the times way back when we modified cheap sk68s to impress our friends were probably most fun.

Now I have to buy expensive titanium flashlights to get the same kick and I am bored faster.

Not spend any money on grails/shelf queens that I don’t plan to really use because flashlights technology become obsolete pretty fast…

What would you do differently if you would get into flashlights right now?

I would seek professional help as soon as I recognise the signs of addiction. The very first step is admitting to yourself that you have a problem.

It would be useful to note the contact details of self-help organisations.