What you got today

Nice foto Horst, nice split ring! it looks so kreisl-round, how did you do it? Amazing handicraft. I've quoted your post in the E09 review for reference. this is maybe even better than copper sealing washers!

I’ve got lots of things yesterday but I dont want to be off-topic


Jetbeam PA40 - Cool white - SMO reflector.

Lovely AA powered light, I shall try and make a short write up about it at some point.

Got a TK35 in today!! Nice light!!

I got:

- four pairs of unprotected fake TF flames

- UF H6

- Klarus MiX6 Au

I got my two UF-H6 headlamps. Now to find someone to NW swap one of them :wink:

Yesterday I received my ZL SC51F from Amazon for $45. Great little light!

Whoa did your L2M come with the really cool bezel or did you order that separate?

My $33 UltraFire HD-2010 came today. I tried to distract my wife but it didn’t work, she wanted to know why I needed another flashlight, so I told her “this baby is rated at 1300 lumens. If our power goes out again, I wanted us to have something to light up the room”.

I don’t think she bought it.

I got a Small Sun ZY-T13 and a UniqueFire UF-2220 and whoever wants a great thrower for $24.24 has to get one of these T13!!! The UF-2220 is an awesome light also!!

My infrared thermometer finally came.

Now I can include temperature readings in my next comparison when I receive my STL V2.

I measured my eBay HID bulb to run at approx 175 degrees celcius (347 farenheit) after 1 minute, pretty hot!

Two Nichia High CRI LEDs. :)

@Horst: What purpose do these copper rings have?

Tripod mount holder for Canon 70-300 L IS http://www.dealextreme.com/p/aluminum-alloy-lens-tripod-mount-holder-for-canon-ef-28-330mm-f-3-5-5-6l-ef-70-300mm-f-4-5-6l-130423 .
For about 1/10 the price of the original Canon part, this is one is really very good (original Canon = 169 Euro, i have payed 17,05 Euro for this one).

It says that those are 16mm boards, not 14mm???

P.S. Nice price, i presume that shipping is not included!

Shipping is not included but in the past it’s never been more than $2.25 for a handfull of LEDs and/or optic lenses. I just ordered 3 of the U2 bin just now.

got my neutral Tn30 yesterday…pretty nice light…ring is disappointing though…feels cheap vs my swm v60c…all in all a nice light though with a great tint…

How did you get –5$?

The foil isn’t for electrical contact (spring) or mechanics (reflector against glass) as much as heat conduction.