What you got today

uf 2011 from wallbuy for my brother :slight_smile: but the main shipment, the zy-t08 from manafont went through the customs just today and the delivery lady said she can deliver it on 2.1. because of the holidays :frowning: really wanted to test it out on 31.12. in a cave, that will have to wait

The chocolate survived quite well, not much melted. :slight_smile:

3-4 weeks is about average delivery time for Aus. I think we must be on the back end of all the delivery runs.

3 xtreme tacticool flashlight warmers (it’s winter isn’t it ?)

I got’em on x-mas not today, but I wanted to show them to y’all.

I got my Fenix PD32UE

I got some old duracell/eneloop in a cheapo store, they were laying around by the batteries which are expensive but these accus were cheap.
Date code: 8J12 H1 Which is 08/2008 if I am right.
Voltage still 1.3V per cell, discharging will give us some long term capacity…
Edit: discharged with 1A…1100&1200mAh quite good after 4 years

Look at the copyright 2008 as well

Many of those who got in on the great Kaidomain $5 MXDL SA-16 deal will see the SZOBM ZY-603 as a familiar looking light (beyond the SA-16 looking like a Xeno). Like others have commented, the MXDL seemed pretty ugly till I got it and held it (the 603 is similar). Unlike the MXDL, this one has XML (and zooms).

Like the MXDL, this is a stoutly made light. Roughly the size and weight of my SF L2, it’s just slightly longer (than the L2 std head) and the zoom head over the pill gives it a bit more head diameter. The red section in the pictures is a finned pill, which also threaded to connect to the battery tube.

I’m tempted, but will probably not pull the pill apart (likely hollow) for now since it threads directly to the body for heatsinking. I suspect it could serve as a host for a light running a lot more power than stock. I’ll use this around for a while to see how it works out before contemplating any mods. Here’s the draw found with different batts:

H 1.85A KP IMR
M 0.91
L 0.23

H 1.68A UF4000
H 1.64A Sanyo unprotected pull
H 1.54A LG unprotected pull
H 1.36A UF3000

Pretty fast shipping (12 days including Christmas) and the light came in bubble wrap with a second soft foam layer inside a bubble-wrapped padded envelope - No damage. Works fine with protected and unprotected batteries.

Other thoughts:

- Beam has a ring from the bezel

- Zoomed die image is roughly 50% taller and wider than my SK68 clones

- Switch cover is the smooth M&M candy look of the MXDL (switch not mushy though)

- Lanyard appears to be identical to the MXDL (and I’ve removed mine, again)

- SF clip is a hair too narrow to fit

- Zoom push/pull is controlled by o-ring on the pill as shown above

- Some of the metal pieces had small dings before annodizing, but no complaints with the machining

- Annodizing looks good, except for a few chips where the Zoom head drops over the body

  • Would like to find some more of the pills - very easy to swap


- Makes a nice mule if you attach the pill without the head (led slightly recessed but no lens protection).

- Zoom using 1.64A Sanyo gives a good bit more (perhaps 50%) observed brightness at a distant target than my L2 SMO @ 2.15A w/KP3100 and it’s a lot more usable for distance without the broad spill

  • Bezel is nearly perfect - just enough crenelation to see the light is on/off and not sharp


- Swapped tail caps with the MXDL since it spends most of it’s life just sitting in the car; crenelations on the tail now match the front bezel and adds a bit of extra class. Bodies of the 2 lights seem to be nearly identical.

  • Can’t wait to compare this to the throw of my son’s C8 and Erik’s XPE drop-in. If it doesn’t smoke ’em the draw will be going up to 3.5A. >)

The Torchlite Host from the EDC+ deal - This thing is SWEET!
Trustfire X8 from Rey
Trustfire Z8 from Rey
Solarforce L2m, L2T and L2 with extender from solarforce sales - since i previously only had the M8
Ultrafire HD2011 and C60 from wallbuys


Is your c60 direct drive 1mode too?
Was described as 5 mode…
Not very happy with this thing because of the modes, but its amazing bright and out throws the mini01.


Single Mode. Direct drive. Puts out way more light that I expected.

This one went fast over the mail, have to check them out soon . Thanks Rey!

Still haven't received the BLF-mini flashlight itself that I ordered much earlier, tracking says it is delivered early november, I was hoping that it is still somewhere at dutch customs but I am now afraid it is lost or stolen somewhere underway

I have received my Black Friday order from Tmart,
Order includes HD2010 arrived without any damage, and green sipik68.
This time very slow China Post.

I have also received an order from an ebay seller about 50 days from order day,
I have received 7 pcs colorful keychain flashlights.

Got my black SRK today. I was under the impression that there was no ano on the threads. I was pleasantly surprised that there was in fact! :slight_smile:

35 days of waiting finally paid off and I’ve now got a second MagicShine clone mounted up on the chimpcycle. For £17 including delivery I’ve got a 4 mode (H-M-L-Hidden Strobe) XM-L T6 with battery pack and charger. It seems a hell of a lot brighter than the allegedly same spec light I already have and I’m starting to wonder if my other one is actually what it claims to be; the body on the new light gets noticeably warmer in operation and it seems better made, despite costing almost half the price.

Also got 4*18650 UF’s that I ordered over a month ago.

I’m starting to realise that Chinese budget != instant gratification.

Checked out one of these drivers with a xm-l, 4.1V 14500 tailcapdraw at low 30mA, med 400mA, high 1.63A. It also works with a 1.2V NiMH , tailcap: could not measure low on the 10A setting (led=few lumens), med 300mA, high 1A. (It is a nice driver for a XPG2 or a Nichia219)

It's very brown orange. Nowhere near safety orange

Thanks to the good work of Kreisler, I got a Eagtac D25A clicky Ti with XP-G2 (2013 edition). First impressions (for my first Ti light) are that it is lovely. Looking forward to it getting properly dark for a play.

This is a well travelled light - shipping (in no particular order) via Korea, HK, China, Germany, Eindhoven :slight_smile:

Got it at a great price, so a big thank you to Kreisler for his efforts in tracking, and chasing down the shipping company, manufacturer and dealer.

Thanks Kreisler :crown:

djozz. Do you have a link to the driver?

I have got my BTU cw from FF today. Can’t wait to try it this night. What I saw so far, it is a lot brighter than my TN30.

I´m a bit curious, how would You rate this one against that T10?
Finish, feel and changing of modes?

I liked the T10 pretty much, it only had some flaws on finish, pretty bad jump/flicker on modes when using 14500, LED not perfectly centered etc. :frowning:
T10 was still nice, is this better? :wink:

My T10 has almost perfect fit and finish. Emitter centered, no flaws on anodizing and very good knurling. Only thing I don't like is getting head on threads can be little tricky sometimes and little play on head >> changing modes slowly might jump mode over and you need to "open" head more to prevent accidental on.

L10 Nichia 219 has nice vanilla tint with good color rendition. Beam is floodier. Machining is good, couldn't spot flaws (unless you count sharp finishing of cut in tail). Threading is similar to Ti and getting head on threads is easier. But LED is slightly off center and reflector has small imperfections at edges (both of those things doesn't seem to affect beam) . If you use supplied keyring it won't tailstand.

I'm gonna EDC L10 because I like tint so much better.

I don't use either of them with 14500, but when I tried with T10 it worked well, but got hot too quick for my comfort.