What you got today

Got a sizable chunk of teflon in today.

Thanks to maukka today I got my self an Ikea Fryele, 8 euro, 3AA flashlight with charging base station. CCT is 4200K and 80+ CRI according to maukka. This is going to be a Christmas gift for flashlight muggles.

The fact that it happily charges alkaline cells as well as NiMH cells is a bit worrying though… :person_facepalming:


Does that light vibrate or anything?

Yay, got my Sofirn SP33 in today !

Only € 17 and change !

…yeah, i had to see if the emitter can be swapped and what kind of optic it can take… :smiley:

O well, it was cool white anyway, so i didn’t really like it…

Great platform for a Nichia 144A and a frosted or pebbled TIR though.

Good light in all, unless you try to get the reflector out…

I ordered an SP33 Nov 14 and it hasn’t been shipped yet.
What makes the reflector hard to get out?

It’s held in the centre by an O-ring which is located under the treads for the bezel.
It’s not clearly visible in the picture though, but it’s there.
So it doesn’t just fall out when you remove the bezel and hold it upside down.
I used a spare deep carry clip as a ‘shoe horn’ to get the reflector out.
This caused the bottom of the reflector to move sideways, apparently with enough force to decapitate the XHP50.2.

Oh well….

Still, it’s a nice light, especially for the price.

Do your duty, citizen. If not you, then who?

Nitecore TUP, Folomov A1 charger, and 6 new Vapcell 1000mAh 14500 batteries. All from Illumn.

My SP32A V2 Gold came in today.

Is the red flashlight on the table one that appeared in a thread some weeks ago, djozz?
What do you think of it? Good host, or not worth it?

^yes, pretty good host it seems, mini-review: it has a shallow brass pill, like the S2 (unlike the S2+) that screws in from the top. The head is one piece with the battery tube, the colour is nice, even the driver is ok, a classic 4x7135 driver (NANJG 105C layout) with option for 4 more chips on the driver side and they can actually be soldered in because the driver retaining ring is thin enough. It has no noticable PWM (higher frequency than the 105C, so more than 4 kHz) and if you cross the middle star on the underside of the driver you have high-30%mid-5%low no blinkies no memory. The led seems a genuine XM-L2 but way too cool for my taste. The reflector is really good, there are no rings in the spill area and the hotspot is very well defined. (Outside the spill area there is a faint ring, it does not come from the (reall SS it seems, sandblasted) bezel but from inside the reflector) The lens is somewhat thin. The tail threads are anodised and come well lubed. Verdict: :+1:

The C01 as gateway drug: 6 weeks ago I would not have imagened myself ordening tritium vials...

My wonderful wife got me a geek toy for Christmas :heart_eyes:

Useless geek stuff, always nice!

Mine gave me this:

What is that? Xindi probe?

I guess a spinning top with brass in the middle

Yea, but how do you spin it up

Thanks to Manker offer I got a Manker EO2H headlamp AAA and a Skilhunt H03 headlamp

Nope, it’s a precision gyroscope.
You spin it up with a small electric motor, then it lasts about 10 min spinning by its own.
It has some small ball bearings and is electronically balanced to 1/250th of a gram, which ensures that there’s zero vibration :slight_smile:
Oh, it’s useful to some people I guess… like, teachers and so on…
But for me it’s only a toy, gyroscopic forces are mesmerizing :student: