What you got today

Received my Sofirn C01 and CRKT Pilar today.

A power device that charges at 60W

I received my Acebeam T27 yesterday and after a quick charge, took it out for a late night test.

I love the tightly focused lonnnng beam, the small form (for a long thrower) and the two-switch UI. The quick access to turbo via the tail switch is exactly right. The comprehensive UI from the side switch is straightforward.

I have several single cell throwers that are rated 700 meters. The T27 is a solid step up in range and brightness. Spill is just right. If you are a night bird/game watcher like I am, this is an excellent torch.

My T27 is fitted with the XHP35 HI 5000K emitter; the tint seems perfect to my eyes: bright white but not cold.

Good ergonomics/nice balance for using either switch.

Good heat management.

The box comes with everything – as it should for the relatively premium price: Hi-capacity/high drain 21700 battery, fast-charging USB-C cord, holster, clip, lanyard, O-rings, spare button.

A thumbs up discovery: The head, wide as it necessarily is, fits nicely in an automobile cup holder.

I purchased mine from HKEquipment. It was very well packaged for the long journey from Hong Kong. Five year warrantee.

Cool! Mine hasn’t shipped yet, but seems they do the US first.

My last purchase of 2018 arrived this morning! I can’t wait for it to get dark outside. :slight_smile:

I use my P30 with a P12 switch.

Catapult v6 is very nice.

I can not believe how small it actually is. It’s shorter than my P30! I’m going to go out to play in a little while.

Professional......."so they say"... mini pocket scale from fastech. Really nice and very easy to calibrate.

0-500 grams

USB type C on a board. Three of them. It took 35 days, not bad from China on std shipping.

Not bad for a phone picture (Galaxy S9+)

I may mod the shoji lantern to use the type C instead of the mini usb as well having a future project plan where I’ll use another.

Today I got some Bates boots (not pictured), 2 knock off Ryobi batteries from Vipon/Amazon ($14 each), 2 phone/vent holders ($2.50 each on Vipon), gloves that came with the batteries as a surprise from the vendor, 18650 and 26650 battery cases, a needle oil bottle, 2 Astrolux S2, a Nitesun (Brinyte) B158, a DIY power bank, and a flashlight mount.

New member to my Emisar family on the left, the D4S with the SST20 4000K emitter and red aux LED’s. I’m loving the tint!

I got this Amutorch AX3 today.

I wasn’t expecting perfection for $23 but it’s got this big nasty fingerprint that looks like it’s on the face of the reflector (it could be in the inside of the glass but when you look at it from different angles it looks like it’s directly on the reflector it’s self).

I got the light purely as a build host and I’m not reconsidering but I’m actually surprised by the UI! It has both a discrete modes set and a ramping UI and it isn’t horrible…. There’s almost zero info on it, I was gonna get it tore down today but I like it enough (other than the stupid finger print) that I might do a quick review over the weekend before I strip it.

Rovyvon Aurora A8 - UV :heart_eyes:

Please tell me about the UI, is it usable ?

VERY MUCH!! :heart_eyes:

Press & Hold - Momentary High
Double click + clicks - Moonlight > Low > Medium > High > Low > Medium > High > …
Triple clik + clicks - UV > Constant RED > Blinking RED
4 clicks - Amber White LED (reading light)

So: no Strobes, directs access to High + Moonligh + UV + Amber ! And it has a Nichia LED inside, much better than the XP-G3 on the many other RovyVon Lights ! What’s not to love? :blush:

BTW, the body is not “glowing” as the A5! Still, I like it this way (otherwise with UV and glowing body would be constantly glowing :stuck_out_tongue: )

My first battery charger and 18650 batteries

Nothing much… except for this:

My very first Convoy S2+! :smiley:

congrats - first time I have seen a S2+ with an orange switch boot. Did it arrive like this or did you already mod it within the first minutes of arrival ? :smiley:

I got this soldering station from hobbyking today

It’s gotten a lot of good reviews in different places, i’m no expert but it does the job well. the stock tip was too small but i also ordered the 10 pack they sell and the second smallest point tip works well for me.

To the left of it is an s2+ with the anodizing polished off, i put a spare XPL HD and X6 driver in there to try out the station (which went faster and cleaner than ever) and to the left of that is 1mm 63% tin soldering wire, also from hobbyking. it seems to have a flux core, it’s hard to tell but it flows well and joints are shiny and it leaves some shiny waxy stuff around the joint. it’s also very strong, i soldered a piece of 22 AWG wire into a loop and it hurt trying to tear it apart.

Not bad for 30$, station + 10 tips + tin + shipping

I also got some of this 1$ two part epoxy there, it was cheap and epoxy is pretty much always the same. so far i’ve only used it to attach strips of leather to my small bench vice and despite not roughing up the metal it holds just fine. cured in less than 10 min like it said on the site.
The tubes are quite a bit larger than i expected, the thing is about 15cm long and it’s filled almost to the top of the sticker, the syringe itself is very heavy duty and the cap (which has spikes that go inside the syringe) seals well, not worried about it leaking or drying up

Also got some 20-22-24 awg silicone wire there, it’s just as flexible as the stuff i got from led4power but that’s about all i can say about it, i can’t measure the resistance etc.

It arrived like this, courtesy of our buddy Simon. I asked for a red boot if possible, for visibility purposes, and he asked if an orange one would do (he was out of red boots), which was even better.