What you got today

Zebralight SC53 yesterday.

Very underwhelming.

Output is surprisingly low. So much so that I wonder if I got one of the dud Zebralights.

This is supposed to output over 300 lumens on an Eneloop. But it’s dimmer than lights I got 10 years ago.
My old Spark SL-5 with 190 lumens is twice as bright.

It feels like actual output is more like 100 lumens. I consider this too dim for EDC.

Have you tried resetting it and which Eneloop are you using

Eneloop Pro, fully charged. But I also tried with a fresh 1.7v Energizer Lithium.

The output looked the same with both cells.

The low output is how it looked out-of-the-box before any mode groups were programmed. I have also verified that I am in group 5, for which H1 is fixed at max brightness.

It really does seem like the “sweet spot” for Zebralights are their 18650 lights and the 21700 SC700d. All the 18650 Zebras are fantastic lights. Very compact, decently bright, and with the best thermal management of any similar-sized 18650 light.

I’m a bit surprised the SC53 is so weak and so inferior to the SC52. I’d have to check, but I think the SC53 is dimmer than my old SC51 with XPG.

From Zebralight instructions ( If needed, use 15, 18, and 21 clicks from Off, to reset to the factory
default settings of the G5, G6, and G7 UI groups.) Might be worth a go

Floodier than I was hoping but kind of expected that. Also thought it’d be brighter but since I got the 4000k I suppose it is significantly lower lumens.

Playing around inside since it’s not dark yet, the wurkkos DL70 seems to stomp on this. Apples and oranges I guess…

Already thinking about reflowing osrams.

My new torch came with built in multi-meter, MUSTOOL MT108T

Got my package of Olight products this morning. Very fast, in just three days from Olight Singapore.

Now my smallest light is this Olight X9R. But still cannot figure out how to recharge it. No manual, no instruction in the box.

Customized 3.0V 28mAh CR425 Battery. It is single usage battery. You can purchase lithium rechargeable version at under USD8 for a pair but you need to trim down the pin to make it fit.

I searched the Internet, but apparently there’s several different models Olight X9 R.

Freeme is correct. This Olight X9R Cell cannot be recharged. No charging outlet anywhere on the tiny light.

If is a gift for everyone who logged on to buy something during the recent Olight monthly sale.

headlamp with strap.
batteries are worth that.

TrustFire Minix.
minix review

Didn’t need any of them, just got me with the orange. If anyone ever makes a bright orange I will be in the poor house.

Acebeam X50 arrived a few minutes ago via USPS. 8 x XHP702, 40,000 lumens, 3 x 21700 pack. My main USA supplier, S.L., has not received stock, and neither has my backup supplier, G.G. So I ordered from a supplier that I newly searched and discovered: Killzone Flashlights.

KZ shipped lightning quick, even when it was late Friday night when I placed my order. They also replied to my serious inquiry email lightning quick, even though it was late Friday afternoon.

I have to wait seven more hours for the dawn of the new flashlight day to see how it compares to the significantly boosted X45 at 25,000 lumens. Before that happens, and after it is fully charged, I will do a small white room ceiling bounce subjective eyeball comparison against the boosted X45.

Machine screws! Small ones. Items on hand were getting low.

Getting machine screws is a lot better than getting screwed by the machine.

Needed a new truck light, for under $40 for both I decided I’d try these out.

My first aux-LEDs flashlight, and also my first mule.

Got me a mule ! :slight_smile: