What you got today

I received an Acebeam E70-AL today.

I'll try to post a mini-review of the flashlight within a week.

And... here's my mini-review of the Acebeam E70-AL.


That’s just evil looking.

Kinda like Hal , from 2001 .

I got the new seeker3 pro . Nice beam , all around good light .

I also got their new Archer . The square beam is different. Didn’t like it at first , but after playin with it awhile , I’m liken what it is ,

This beam shot is about 3 feet .

Oh yeah , nice review RC

Thank you!

In the amazon deal thread this $10 deal was posted:


I certainly don’t need any more powerbanks but I suspected this one containing 3x 21700 so I went ahead and pulled the trigger. Build quality internal PCB board is pretty much generic, nothing remarkable to say. But it indeed contains 3x DBK branded 21700, it also came with a 3-in-1 usb cable, not so bad of a deal for $9.99. Testing on the MC3000 tonight

Edit: i just noticed it claims “UL Certified LG high density battery” :person_facepalming:

Curious to see what the DBKs test out as. Last week I paid $14 (including shipping) for a 21700 Samsung INR2170050E 5000mAh from Illumn.

B&H has the Nitecore LA10 and LA10 CRI ‘liptstick’ lanterns for the typical prices ($24.99 and $29.99), but they sweeten it with a free Nitecore TUBE (black) keychain light. I just ordered one.

~94% of claimed capacity at 1A discharge/charge rate, for reference, Samsung 50E scored 4780mAh Max on the same test, but my MC3000 have always measured low

Got one Amutorch XT60 from the GB on our BLF. Will compare its beam with my Astrolux FT03S and Convoy L7 tonight.

XTAR VC2 from the local (Orem, Utah) NPS, only $6.99

This is a lithium-only charger (no NiMh, etc.). But for $10 less than the amazon.com price, it seems pretty good. 21700 and 26650 fit great.


Manithree, I have ordered a similar Xtar charger on Banggood, but mine is the model VC2. There is a discount code to bring the price from US$15.99 down to US$7.99. I used that together with a VIP allowance of US$1. So, it came down to US$6.99, just like what Manithree paid on Amazon.

Curious to see why it was advertised as being a good charger for small NiMh AAA and AA cells.

I ordered a Sofirn Q8 Pro from AliExpress and it came in the mail today. It’s crazy bright.


Can’t wait to properly test it out at my friend’s house who lives out in the country. I also have the Sofirn BLF SP36 with 4x Samsung High CRI LEDs, and love it.

I got it locally at the NPS, not amazon.

How far am I going to take this hobby? Not yet sure but first something to play with……, make a tube? I don’t know yet.

Hardly had been playing with the first mail call and the second white van man raced by: Sofirn IF22A.

Funny: both Ali-standard shipping but the first came with DHL and the second with Post.NL.

After 20 days of waiting, my Sofirn SF47 (4 x SST40) has arrived. I will try and get a mini-review out sometime this week.

Some notes:

  • It advertises 9000 lumens on turbo but I suspect that number is inflated. Unfortunately I can’t test this; can anyone weigh in on the theoretical output of two 21700 batteries in series married to 4 SST40 emitters? This uses a constant current driver.
  • This light has some decent heat-sinking and a very comfortably sized handle to hold onto. It seems like a good design for leaving a light on high output and not having to feel or stress about the heat.
  • I’m kinda curious what this light would be like with 4 SFT40 emitters.