what's a good bright budget light?

hi everyone. i’m very new to the flashlight world. so……

just say i have about $100 for a flashlight, and i want something extremely bring, at least 2000lm, something that will last me years of usage, what would the flashlight be? i’m an interstate trucker and need a bright light just in case some shit happens on the road at night. and i just like it super bright! i have a fenix tk35 and i want something more bright than that! i really like the look of the skyray xy 600 with the handle but i don’t see any review about it so i need all you pros’ opinions.

There are a lot of 2000+ lm for less than $100.
Trustfire TR-J12, TR-J18, TR-J19, TR-J20, AK-47, AK-90.

Probably a Fenix RC40. 3500 lumens, probably really great regulation (just look at the TK75) and you can charge it from the 12v socket in your truck.

Edit: Oops, the RC40 is way over your budget

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Your budget is considered high enough to buy many nice lights,
BTU Shocker with 120$
Solarstorm SP03 with 65.99$

The above lights give high lumens output and throw well (especially the BTU Shocker). And as the others mentioned above Trustfire does offer a good varieties of multi-emitter lumens monster too.

UltraFire U-9D 9*Cree XM-L T6 5-Mode 3200-Lumen, King Kong ICR26650 3.7V 4000mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries (2-Pack)(get two 2 packs)Nitecore I2 Lithium Li-ion Ni-MH Ni-Cd Smart Battery Charger (US)
car charger cable + US plug AC charger cable




Use the coupon code BLF and you are at $106 for an amazingly bright light, super batteries and a high quality charger that you can plug into your truck. Fast tech has the fastest shipping around and their customer service is second to none.

You will not go wrong with this combination. It’s an incredibly bright light that can second as a baton for cracking skulls with. These are very good batteries and charger and you don’t want to cheap out on either of them.

Thanks bro, I like the btu but I really want something like the solarstorm, I’m really digging the handle, I’m an Asian guy and I have small palm so I need a handle like that lol. Btw what do u think about the sp03? Would it last me for a good long time?

Thanks bro for all that work, I like the flashlight but I’m leaning toward a short one. Thanks again man. U guys on here are extremely helpful!


oh wow, that one is sexy, do you own one bro? how reliable is it?

I have owned one but sold it when i got a TM26. Very bright with simple modes. Check the review thread here https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/14477

I own a BTU Shocker and yes, the Shocker is quite heavy, and also front heavy after loaded with batteries, not very convenient to carry around for long time. But it does come with a long and nice landyard and that might help a bit. Other than the heavy characteristic of the BTU Shocker, it is very well built and light output is really amazing.

I do not own a SP03 yet but I plan to buy one soon. You can check out for review here . The LEDs are driven not as hard as the BTU Shockers but they are XM-L2 U2 (better efficiency), lighter weight, 4 cells in parallel, and better heat management. But I think it is also a little front heavy.

The TK75 is another good option too, but the best price is around $150, not sure if that match your budget.


I owned a BTU shocker and sold it. I was going to buy another one sometime until I got the SP03. It doesn’t really compare to the BTU in total light output. The BTU smokes it. But the SP03 more than makes up for it in size and runtime. It stays cool no matter how long it’s on, it’s as bright when you turn it off as it is when you turn it on, it still throws a very long way and it’s much easier to carry. It’s a little front end heavy but once you get used to the handle it’s very nice. My problem is actually that the handle is too small for my hand. I carry it with my three small fingers with my pointer finger on the top front part. The BTU is an amazing but impractical light, it’s huge, I don’t mean a little big I mean huge and heavy. I like to take my lights on long walks and the BTU just wasn’t that much fun for that. You pretty much have to carry it by the lanyard looped around the head but then you can’t really point it well, plus it makes it really annoying changing batteries, because you have to then unloop the lanyard each time. On top of that I didn’t like the battery carrier it’s much easier just to drop in four batteries. The BTU is really much more of a show light than a useful light. It’s a light you bust out when you want people to say WOW not when you want a light to take on a walk. Just my two cents though, I’m sure many people do enjoy taking it on hikes, just not me. Mine was sitting on the shelf getting dusty.

Exactly, and this is the reason why I’m looking forward to buy a SP03 too.

The BTU Shocker however can light up a huge area and throw insanely, maybe OP need that. But how many times in my daily lives need that power? The BTU Shocker and my other HID lights are becoming shelf queens.

This light isnt reviewed, but if it is the same quality as other Trustfire lights, its exactly what you are looking for: http://www.shenzhen-wholesale.com/trustfire-trs700-7-x-cree-xml-t6-led-3800-lumens-diving-flashlight_sku9556.html

This seller trade originals lights?

Their price is insane cheap with some lights, if they sell good things with good shipping, my dream is closer than I think (tr-j20 + tr-t90)…… :tired: :love: :_( :stuck_out_tongue:

With two lights, I could to try so hard to stop order other light in this year :X