… has everything been done that can be done with flashlights? Like the subject says ‘what’s next?’

FF E07; Lumintop FW3A; Emisar D4 V2

any flashlight visionaries?

… or do I head over to Nebo?

BLF Lantern, and 2 other lights that still haven’t released(M4DM4X and MF01S Mini), and one special light.

What’s next?

As to a new FW3xx variant, pretty much has been served…while a completely new project is so far not yet in sight.

Chances are you will be ordering just about ‘anything’ so as to scratch your ‘pay now’ addiction. :beer:

Nebo does have some of the most innovative lights, if not always the best implementation. They definitely have the best commercials.

- Better methods of preventing accidental activation for high-output EDC lights, think firearms safeties or physical blockers. I’m actually amazed nobody has implemented this, and the button on small hotrods not being recessed or having a significant lip around them is IMHO unacceptable

- More emitters having high-CRI options, better tint for those that exist, and even better color rendering (i.e. Optisolis and similar) Imagine how popular an 85+ CRI X-PL HI with good tint would be…

- Better battery chemistry (26650, 18350 and 16340 are falling way behind whereas 18650 and 21700 have the new hotness)

- Multi-button UIs

- Easier methods of UI flashing/updates

- Exotic/innovative driver designs like constant-current instead of regulated/FET+PWM


What’s next? The opposite of previous.

More seriously though, I’m pretty sure there’s more left to do with flashlights. People here have barely scratched the surface of some of the fancier stuff, like constant current drivers and tint ramping and, um, items which aren’t ridiculously overpowered.

But I think tech-based changes might slow down as LEDs get closer and closer to the maximum theoretical efficiency, and as the improvements delve into fine-tuning instead of broad strokes.

Extreme heat tolerant leds. Either that or no heat producing leds which is an oxymoron.

It would be interesting to see the development of an alternative rare form factor: NITECORE TM10K, NITECORE Concept2…
Prototype YLP Octopus:

A quad or triple with ramping and a 21700 cell. Something just a smidge thinner than an Emisar D4S and not the absolute scorcher of a Fireflies E07?

A budget and compact 70.2 light with a single 21700 cell?

And I dig those designs, Di_Joker.

- Emitter efficiency increases (less heat & more output)

- Light products that can be configured and controlled via BT/Wifi/remote control/app (already exists, but more mainstream)

- Tint mixing/adjustment/control while light product is in use

- Lights that automatically adjust output based on external factors (light, sound, signals, other sensors)

- New lightweight/robust materials for the body

  • Potentially new form factors for light products

As we have now seen with other electric innovations, the future of energy lies partly in how energy is stored and how dense this storage is. So new battery chemistries and form factors will play a significant role.

I would like to see next a 2xAA flashlight, where the batteries are placed in parallel (so can be used with one battery like Acebeam UC15), with a constant current driver, as thin as possible. Then the head can be one or two LEDs, with various combinations of emitters and optics.

If LEDs became more efficient, their heat production would go down. So you could get brighter/smaller/cooler lights.

But efficiency can only go so far because light is just another form of heat. If there was an extremely heat resistant led then it could be thermally isolated from the host so it doesn’t burn your hand (or pocket) :disguised_face:

(I mean the heat resistant LED part.)

But light isn’t heat.
Even IR light isn’t ‘heat’ - it (and any light) just heats things that happen to absorb it.

You could also define efficiency as “useful (i.e., visible) light out/electric power in” :slight_smile:

Okay so heat and light are marginally different but they are both forms of energy. I get what you’re saying 100% efficiency = electromagnet wavelength being sent in one direction so the emitter itself doesn’t absorb any energy and get hot. Still sounds good to me :beer:

Source: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1pc-Aladdin-Lamp-Oil-Magic-Genie-Vintage-Tea-Pot-Arabian-Craft-Decor-24-9-15cm-/264013804302


I think the next big step is gonna be LEP.

- Eye tracking combined with motorized platform so beam points where you’re looking

- Flashlight with lasers and stuff which can paint an ‘outline’ around objects or edges (projection mapping)

- LED directly on shelf (no mcpcb) for better heat transfer

- Use of heat-pipes

- Anode and cathode are both available on + end so why send current through battery tube ?

- Make entire flashlight out of synthetic diamond for better heatsinking

  • Flashlight which can feel pain and become jealous when you buy newer model