What's the best Medium sized Throw/Flood combo?

In an effort to actually use my flashlight collection more. I’ve begun night hiking through a national part located within our city limits.

I’ve immediately realized how amazing my throw flashlights are in this situation but also desperately want a floodier beam or significantly wider hotspot.

Here’s the criteria:
-maximum head diameter of 100mm (even that’s pushing it)
-ideally (not limited to) throw distance of 1000m
-ideally (not limited to) lumen output of 5000lm (hot rod turbo only is fine)
-ideally (not limited to) maximum of four cells
-ideally (not limited to) price below $150 USD (not msrp, coupon code price after discount)

So far the clear winner from what I can see in every category is the Haikelite MT09R XPH35-Hi
Price $85
Lumens 6500
Throw 1000m
Head diameter only 75mm :smiley:
Cells 4x 18650

The SP70 would make a good contender.

From your list it only comes short on throw.

I definitely agree. That was the other contender I was looking at but the biggest downfall is 6000-6500k tint? BOO :confounded:

On that note though… higher price but available for $100-109 right now, the new MT09R 70.2 edition basically matches the SP70 in throw 600 MT vs 675 SP but the MT has an incredible 24000lm

Spend a few dollars more and get yourself a proper BLF GT70 which meets all your requirements :wink:

Edit, there are codes and coupons for this light, dont pay the full retail price

lol don’t worry, my collection is well on it’s way! I’ve got an MF04 and will be purchasing a GT4 when it finally drops.

That being said. When you’re hiking or backpacking weight and size are the two biggest factors for all of your gear. I want something I can carry in my bags side pockets which are designed for an oversized water bottle (hence the 100mm head diam limit).

Those are fun but they’re not actually useful unless you’re actually doing S&R and only have to worry about carrying your 5-8lb flashlight. Shoulder straps are handy but rendered pretty much useless when you’ve got a hiking backpack on

Clear, but it seems you might have to give in a bit then, since it might not be realistic to get all the aimed goals together.

What about a new L6 with Lexel his TA driver?

I got a ’09R with the ’35s, too. Kicks arse. :laughing:

For carryability, the original BLF Q8 has (for me) the best beam overall. Color, tint, floody. Both the Sofirn and Airpro are CW and throwier.

The MT09 is going to heat up and burn through batteries way faster to hit that range though. To me the greatest advantage of a thrower vs a light that is just very high output is getting much longer runtimes while still having the reach needed. It’s why those 3000+ lumen 26650 lights running XHP70s don’t interest me - with a reflector that small you don’t get much more range than a single X-PL HI light running off an 18650 that’s much smaller and lighter.


Sofirn Q8 with XP-L HI

Is the new L6 with TA driver a custom or soon to be produced light?

Thanks for all the replies.

I’ve decided to make a list of lights for easy comparison.

Take a look: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/56340