Whats the best single or double AA light available for under £15.00 ($22.85)

Due to an absurdly low import level of £15.00 ($22.85) when shipping to the UK before duty fees are added, any lights I buy really do have to be budget in nature. What is the best AA or Double AA light that I can get at the moment that sits on the right side of that threshold? As a guide I would probably be buying something like a Nitecore MT21A if it were only just that bit cheaper.

this zoomie Review: #3 Noname $3.60 XPE-Q5 single AA/14500 zoomie
They can be had cheaper on aliexpress, search ‘XPE flashlight’… but those are 3-mode.
The problem with 1x/2x AA lights is that they all necessarily use booster circuits (at least with modern LEDs). The main advantage of this format/battery type is size/weight, not power.

Welll…You might try a Minimag incand model,~ $10 on eBay. with a drop-in LED module, like the Terralux. ~ $16 on eBay. Sepatrate purchases. That’s what I have in mine, and my wife’s purse light. I’ve had them for a few years, and I’m sure somebody has improved the brightness since.
If you don’t want to burn and blind them (whoever “them” are) you will have a very adequate light around the house, and at backyard distances, and an excellent all-purpose walking light, with excellent run time, good looking IMO, fairly light weight and very user-friendly. Of course, if you want to light up everything in the “back 40”, there are lots of lights that will do that, too.

In the True Spirit of Never Leaving Well-Enough Alone, I have put Tailcap switches on them all Nite-Ize, Terralux, Kroll. The Kroll is my favorite.

Anyhow, good luck in your search! :slight_smile:

I’m thinking for a while now about buying one of these Brinyte ED30:
The specs and quality seems very good and you get 1AA / 2AA in one light because an extension tube is included.
The only thing what holds me back is the payment at Ali (no Paypal)…

These are great little lights and you can get an extension tube to take 2AA (but maybe in a separate order) for higher output.

XP-E version is my favourite.


I like the SK68 clones, and have a pile of them. EDC is an Olight i3s running a 10440, everything I want in a small light. More output I have a few T6 16500 types.

The Coast HP1 is a nice little light for < £11

It’s got the same lens (zoom) as the Led Lensers and costs $9.99 + about $7.00 shipping to the UK from Amazon.com

I like mine. It also runs a single 14500 if you prefer.

*stock, Ive not pulled one down to know if they have all the characteristics modders like.

The hugsby XP 12 isn't bad for the price I have seen then around $12 in shops on line and at ebay. I have seen ones advertised with an XPG R5 but they don't have an XPG it is an XPE.


Solarstorm SC01 and Xeno E03 come to mind.

CRELANT V21A is a little more money than you listed at $23.65. It is not 450 lumens but is plenty bright and has great build quality for the price.

The Crelant is a very good idea.

Also thought about Eagle Eyes F05.

I wish the Convoy line had offerings in the 1-2 X AA category!

How about the DQG mini AA? See the recent review ($23 with coupon).

I think that so far the CRELANT V21A fits my needs the most. Since posting the initial inquiry I now have a good handful of single AAA and AA torches and am now only really lacking in a good 2 x AA light.

I have bought several ThruNite Archer 2A V2 NW direct from the ThruNite website http://www.thrunite.com/thrunite-archer-2a-v2-nw/ $34 including shipping the orders where fulfilled by Amazon Germany with no customs issues as it is inside the EU.

ACEBEAM L10 CREE XP-G R5 4Modes 120lm Mini EDC LED Flashlight £11.76

Runtime: 147h(firefly),13h(low),1h30min(h)
Nice single AA light i have several and even my 80 year old mum likes them, even if she keeps losing them.

Cree XP-G R5 3000K/4000K 2-Mode Stainless Steel AA Mini LED Flashlight £10.15

Low (10)>High (100)
Again i have afew of these nice simple lights brush stainless steel looks good.