What's the best way to mount a waterproof LED strip?

Hi there,
I recently finished a LED strip project.
I noticed that the Silicone lining on the outside is too smooth for anything to stick to it. that includes hot glue, tape, everything! How would you recommend i mount this waterproof led strips in the car.
Note it’s a Jeep banned so it WILL get bumpy.

Saw someone else’s project mounted in a U-shaped bar w the light strip potted in either epoxy or some sort of thermal glue (guy wasn’t around to ask), the LEDs were open to the wind, so was wondering if he was going to buy or craft a stoneguard (or lenses) of some sort.
The back of the aluminum channel had handmade brackets to fit onto the round tubing of a brushguard. Reallly wanted to see that sucker lit up.

hi,jesse,may be you can consider use the LED clips to fix them….did the supplier not send led clips to you,if not,may be it not easy to fix the waterproof LED strips

I have similar strips mounted in my truck bed with 3m double sided tape…lasted 2 years so far in all weather conditions with no failure

You can use a double sided tape to mount a waterproof led strip. I have done the same thing.