whats the brightest WOW light i can buy for less than $40

thanks to all who have helped me last couple days decide on my first torch. ive decided on a hd 2010. also wanted to purchase with it a wow light. i dont care about modes, size or other things. i need to stay under $40, 2 or 3 18650 for power. mostly throw (not pencil beam) with modest to decent flood. can you give me your top 3 choices for the baddest WOW lights available for that price, and approximately how many yards you would say it throws legitimately. im looking for a waterfall of light than can reach across texas, can i get it for $30-$40? any existing beam shot references that u know of, relating to specific recommendations, would be appreciated, thanks, ted.

You might want to check out the STL-V6.

get a 501b

These two lights, Use Coupon Code BLF for 5% off, Free Shipping World Wide:



thrower but not a pencil, i don’t have one but i think the HD2010 should be a valid candidate, it has a pretty big head and its around 30-40

http://www.lightmalls.com/perfect-ultrafire-hd2010-600lm-cree-xm-l-t6-5-mode-led-flashlight-1x18650 there are better prices/websites this is just an example

+1. The skyray stl-v6 is a major thrower as well as having very good overall lumens. Build quality is also quite good for such a cheap torch (~$40).

If you can afford a few dollars extra the TrustFire ST-50 is very bright, though it has a SST-50 LED so it’ll probably get hot and eat batteries faster than an XM-L light, but it will certainly be bright, I’d guess it’d put out 700-800OTF lumen if used with good batteries. The XinTD is a really great price right now though, a great single 18650 light with a bright XM-L U3, good throw and some useable flood, it’s my favorite jack of all trades light right now. I’m not sure what the OTF lumens is of the thing though.

If neither of those, the Sky Ray King is the way to go but uses 4x18650 batteries.

Sky ray king, aka the SKR should have a decent wow effect when turned on high.

Not sure that pencil throwers that make a small light dot in the distance would be a wow.

thank you everyone for the help, i appreciate it greatly. as for the recommendations for the hd2010, i am buying that light already, so i am looking for a bigger light that will be noticeably brighter than it. would you estimate the otf lumens of the hd2010 to be around 600-700? as for the sky ray king, i really dont want the 4 batteries. i will check into the others mentioned. how does the trustfire 3x xml t6 compare? again, thanks so much for all the help, ted.

SMALL SUN ZY-T13. Buy 2 of these and be wowed. This is the best budget thrower available today. Many mod threads on BLF if you search.

Here ya go: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/1/1d/1909_Victor_Flash_Lamp.jpg/220px-1909_Victor_Flash_Lamp.jpg

Used to be you needed a battery and flash powder.
But with today’s new improved batteries — you can do it with just the battery.

Plenty bright.
Doesn’t last long, but — WOW factor pretty good.

I think the King would be your best bet for a 'Wow' light that puts out a wall of light; but since you aren't interested in the four-cell config, you could try either:

STL-V2, aka FandyFire V6 - Single emitter but great throw:


The Trustfire TR-3T6 may be an option, but I don't have one to know how it would compare to the King:


...for $30.37 (using the BLF coupon code). General reviews indicate that it's going to be less bright than the King.

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The Small Sun ZY-T13 is available for $24.24 @ Manafont:


I don't own this light though so I don't know how well it would compare to your 2010 or the V2-style throwers.

if you are already buying the hd2010, then i wouldnt get the stl v6. i would suggest something that is super bright and floody but will not throw as far…since you already have a decent thrower (hd2010).

i also 2nd the skyray king, but since you didnt want 4x18650, then the next best thing for your price range would be the trustfire 3t6

If you already have an HD2010 then any single emitter light is not going to wow you much. A good HD2010 will put out 800+ lumens. It will match or out throw a ZY-T13 or a ZY-T08.

If you want WOW factor then you will have to go multi-emitter or go small. The King is the best wow factor light for the money. The 4 cells in parallel are safer then 3 cells in series like the TR-3T6 and the TR-3T6 cannot match the SRK in output plus the toilet plunger look makes it hard to carry and unwieldy to use. The SRK is small.

To go small then you need to go with a hot little 16340 sized keychain light that will put out 500+ lumens. A good one to consider would be a Trustfire Mini-01. Others can suggest similar lights in this form factor that put out 500+ lumens.

I received today the FandyFire UV-S5, now selling for about $35 with coupon from fasttech which claims 2000 lumens.

I however ordered some, time ago, the most expensive version (exact same model!) of $42 which claims 1800 lumens!

I compared the second highest level of my Thrunite TN30 @1580 lumens against the 1800 claimed lumens of the fandyfire and guess what?!!

Fandyfire was brighter than 1580 lumens which leads me to believe that their claim for 1800 lumens is true!! Well done Fandyfire!!

And a bravo to fasttech which did not inflate the lumens…

I am curious now about the SRK black U2 led and their claimed 2500 lumens.

Have you checked out the ZY-T13 threads? These are under $19 delivered from Wallbuys. To my understanding, it beats the 2010 after the simple $0.05 cent resistor mod that dozens have already implemented to bring output to 3.2A. As is, its still a very efficient thrower. Its also far better to distribute that amount of current through 2 decent 18650’s rather than a single 18650 or 32650. Also, a 32650 in the HD2010 has friend a lot of them. All your recommendations will certainly not disappoint.

The best price right now for the SRK is through the wallbuys reservation service.

i really value everyones opinions and help, thank you. the 501b and zyt13 are out because theyre too close to the hd2010. i will have to find more info on the others. dont want something that isnt considerably “brighter” than the 2010. im not interested in mods so only stock comparisons matter. the longer 2-3 cell series plunger styles dont bother me as far as convenience. i think johnnymacs and blueb8lls advice is closer to my thinking. go with the same or a little more throw than the 2010 but a lot more flood, may be easier to find for my budget. i dont want something thats just slightly better than the 2010, im looking for a distinct upgrade. if i cant find one now thats hands down an upgrade, then i will wait for a bigger budget. will check into the others for now. if the 2010 gets around 800-850 otf lumens and im guessing around 350 yds throw(would you agree?), then im probably looking for at least, either (800-850 otf lumens with 500-600yds throw) or (1200+ otf lumens with 300-400yd throw) to actually see a distinct improvement??? all opinions still very welcome. thanks again everyone, you guys are great.

Save up another $100 and get a TN31. I don’t think anything comes close to it in value for money. It is a lot of light and I doubt you will get 5-600 meters out with anything less.

My mod'ed HD 2010 is doing 1300+ lumens . I believe the stock HD2010 on a good 18650 battery will do in the 700's - that's around 3.5-3.7A. Still think you should consider one of the SRK's - because it's parallel, you don't need to use 4 batteries! Use 2 or 3, and it's fine (1 battery is kind of pushing it). 4 batteries just gives you better runtime. The T6 versions seem to be consistent around 2100-2200 lumens - the U2 should be a bit above that, but depends on the unit, etc., but should be close to that 2500 number. That light does get a lot of wows because of pure light output in a small package. I got the FandyFire UV-S5 (SRK type) from FastTech and tested it in the 2100's for lumens.

For a true pocket rocket, that TF Mini 01 is amazing though...

with 0 modding my top wow lights:

1. HD2010 - good thrower - can be had for around $30 from fastech with code blf
2. skyray king - more of a floodier light - about double the lumens as the hd2010 and half the throw $39 on fast tech with code blf

i was going to say ea4 for the third one, but then i saw you said 18650 only