What's the difference between the XP-L V6 and the XM-L2 5C emitters on the On The Road M3 Flashlights?

Can anybody describe what the difference would be between the two emitters? As far as lumens, throw, and tint. Thanks.

I guess there will be some differences, independently on the flashlights:

- XP-L V6-1A - Cold white tint, not very throwy (at least if compared with XP-L HI leds), good amount of lumens, will produce a tighter hotspot than the XM-L2

- XM-L2 5C - Neutral-White to Warm-White , floodier than the XP-L V6, probably less lumens (and less perceived lumens, if compared to Cold White tint), the hotspot produced will eventually be higher than the XP-L V6 because it has a larger dome.

I have the OTR M3 Pro with XP-L V6-1A, but I don’t have any of their lights with 5C leds to compare.

For the tints:

As you can see, the 1A is cool white, 6500K+. It is right on the BBL though. The 5C tint is gonna end up in the 3750-4000K range, but above the BBL. That’s warm enough you’ll be getting more yellow than green though, so it could be worse.

Otherwise: The XP-L V6-1A can put out more crappy light, probably. And since the die size is smaller, it will throw a bit more. But for me, I’d go with the XM-L2 5C, even though neither is a particularly stellar choice.

Other notable difference: XP-L is the XP package size, or 3535, while the XM-L2 is (you guessed it) XM package size, or 5050.