What's wrong with this picture?

I ordered a Yezl M6 XM-L...my first 18650 light + charger and batteries. It was delivered quickly, all things considered. Of course I was excited to get this thing fired up, so I dutifully charged the batteries, checking voltage as they went. I was pretty impressed with just how stupid bright this thing was! But, as it was sitting there, it looked like the body wasn't straight. I checked the bezel to glass measurement all around, and it was identical. It looks like the body was maybe cross-threaded into the head...I tried to unscrew the body from the head but it only will go maybe 1/4 turn and it stops. I emailed cnqualitygoods today, I'm looking forward to seeing what they have to say. I realize this isn't a high-end light, but as far as budget lights go, for me, it's on the high end and I'd like it to be right.


Ouch! Yup, I'd definately try and get a replacement. Aluminum galls like crazy once cross-threaded...

This requires a full replacement in my book. At least a full body at no cost.

I would agree. I did get a response from Ric/cnqg this morning, and said that he couldn't see any problems with it but that if I felt there was a problem, I could ship it back and they'd replace it if there was a problem. I wonder how much shipping to China is? I don't want to wait another two months, sheez!


How long did shipping take ?? and how bright is stupid bright ? I agree his N-lights are nutty goofy ignoranty stupid bright .i've had them for over a month and a half and still think Damn nutty stainless steel N-light xpg r5 at like 350~400?

Stupid bright is just short of supernova, if I'm not mistaken

The delivery was actually rather quick, I placed the order on 2/27, and I received it about a week ago - nothing to complain about there. So you're liking your N-Light then huh?!!