What's your favorite clip?

I’ve accumulated a few clip styles since I’ve gotten started with my new flashlight hobby, and some I definitely prefer more than others. My Convoy S2+ deep carry works great on my S2+ and decently well on my Emisar d4. My Armytek clips are sturdier but seem to get hung up on a little protrusion from the base of the clip where it meets the body of the light. I’ve been looking into picking up a solarforce L2 clip for the d4 shorty as well. What are your favorite clips?

Oveready. I put those clips on so many lights. Not exactly a “budget” offering, but such great clips…

I love the clips on the smaller 18650 O-lights. They have the small secondary inner indentation that slips over and holds securely on a pants pocket hem. Being reversible, they also stick tightly on a hat brim. As a logger, I sometimes will suffer a breakdown in the pre-dawn, and I’ll have my O-light Maverick on my hat brim for 2 hours. I kinda forget it’s there until someone shows up to help and I swing around and get cussed out for blinding him. I’ve noticed that some folks hate it for the same reason—kinda hard to get out of your pocket sometimes. Just depends on what you need, I guess.

I like the Armytek Wizard pocket clip, especially on my Zebralight headlamps. I grind the ears off and thin the arms to fit grooves on lots of lights.

ToyKeeper mentioned modifying a Solarforce pocket clip for the Emisar D4, so I got some for my D4 and D1. I ground off the lanyard ring and widened the hole to fit the battery tube. The end protudes past the flat section of the clip, and I recently shortened and rounded off the ends. Here’s a before and after:

Your post inspired me to try the clip with the shorty D4. ^:)

I like this clip:

Awwww, a raccoon plays the water-harp… :smiley:

Me personally, I generally hate clips on lights, and never ever use ’em.

Especially with a big-head light, clips are pretty stoopit. Only really on a tubelight do they make any sense. By the time you’d wedge the head into a pocket, then try to finagle the light so that the clip grabs onto the edge of the material… forget it.

If I ever had to, though, I’d use the deep-carry kind like on the S2+. And that’s only on tubelights.

Oh, and “tactical rings”, too. }P

LOL! :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the UT01 and E11 clip. Its too tight for use with denim and similar thickness and a lot of people complain about this. But I bend it just a little and can fine tune it so it still bites down hard so the light can not fall out, yet I can still flex it a little and get it to release easily.