What's your favourite budget multi-LED XM-L2 flashlight?


I really like to know, what’s your favourite budget multi-LED XM-L2 flashlight?

I currently have a SupFire M6 XM-L from the last group buy and recently sold a Kung M4 XM-L2 because I didn’t like it that much because of the overall quality.
Is there any other light to check out? I read about the Shadow SL-3 and SolarStorm Warrior, maybe you have another favourite.


I have the FandyFire Warrior and upto now I have been very impressed with its performance I’m guessing around 2000lumen from the XM-LT6 version I have

Build quality seems ok no issues there, I have dropped it from a height which has left it with a few scars in the body on the tail cap but didn’t affect the light itself.
The thread on mine was dry but it is smooth and twisted together fine, might put a drop of grease there sometime.

Only other multi emitter I have had to compare with is a cheap unbranded Amazon light that claimed to be a 3xXM-L T6 but the LED’s are much smaller than a T6 maybe XP-G?
Its output was no where near the Warrior’s

I went for the Warrior as it’s review by JohnnyMac was good and I liked its size, I wanted something that was easily pocketable.
I see some on here have issues with PWM on some LED lights but with this one I have not noticed any PWM with this light myself, it has been used for just walking at night/ kids scout camping trips etc

All in all for the money, I think it’s a very good light.

I have the shadow sl3, srk and warrior. The build quality of the sl3 is the best, but it starts on low and only take 26650 or 1 18650 with adaptor and have a step down. Size wise i prefer the warrior vs the srk xml and it throws better too. The driver has a thermal protection that steps down i think. but i still like the srk when i want a floodier light. for the price, i would get the warrior. its not xm-l2 though. searched for one could not find any.

skyray king, kung, kingkongchung etc.

$30-40 will get you around 2400+ OTF lumens

I think I’ll wait for a FandyFire Warrior with XM-L2. I found this SolarStorm XM-L2 Warrior but it’s a little too expensive for me.

The M6 will be my favorite when some of our members release their drivers.

Right now my favorite multi emitter light may be RMM's triple XP-G2 Convoy S3. It's a 1600 lumen pocket rocket with lots of driver firmware options, current options, four lens options, and two tint options and more if you supply your own emitters. Max output is already amazing, but afaik it's far and away the best in volume/lumen and pounds/lumen.

I like most of the lights mentioned, but haven't bought them because I know they're too big to carry most of the time. I use my S3 every day.

That said, I like the design of the SL3. I'll probably get one because I really like 26650 lights, but I won't use it until I mod it. The M6 is on my to-buy list, but like my SRK it's a light I won't use until it's modded. Even after modded, like I said, I won't use these lights much because of how big they are.