What's your oldest flashlight that you are still using?

If you have a better title, let me know. Having trouble making a short title that covers my question...

How old is your oldest flashlight that you are still using?

Not asking about the age of your antique flashlights but the year you bought your oldest flashlight, that you still use till this day..

Makes sense?

Mine is the Solarforce l2i, its about 9 years old.... Not exactly sure anymore when I bought it.

My Surefire LX2. Bought it about 13yrs ago or so.

That would be my 4D National BF-757 (former home appliance brand of Panasonic).
I owned this light already when I graduated in Delft in 1979.
This foto does not show that most of the original yellow color has faded.
The incandescent bulb is replaced by a Krypton bulb and later by an XP-G2 upgrade.
It has a plastic reflector but throws a pencil-like beam!
And it has excellent tail-standing properties :wink:

Thrunite TN12. Two years old. That’s when I got into this game. I came here to research the purchase of a single light. Then my headlamp broke. Now I have a dedicated shelf.

Couple of the old ones I still have. One Mag Lite, which was my mom’s before she passed away 9 years ago. I put the LED upgrade and added a tail clicky switch. The other is an old Sears Craftsman which I purchased when I still had my business, which was at least 14 years ago. The original LED put out something like 80-100 lumens, which seemed great then but pretty dim by today’s standards. So recently I upgraded it to a XP-L HI V2, and now it’s a useful light again that gets in the EDC rotation.

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Hmm, plenty older than this but this is the only one still being actively used, if keychain service counts.

Fenix L0P Special Edition purchased and in continuous service since ’06 (not counting the day it was taken off to get bumped with a XP-L).

The wife claimed the Arc-AAA (ver. 2) for her travel bag, it’s even older.

Tank E09
Not sure how old but at least 5 yrs.
In the EDC rotation still works great, looks beat, can’t kill it, love it.

A Sipik type torch. First LED light I got 7 years ago shortly after getting CAPO. Before it was modified it was ~ 300 Lumens. iirc it had an XRE something or other LED!

Now it has an XPG2 and is ~ 600 Lumens and throws about 600 yards.

Globe??. 2 x cell Mini Maglite. 40ish yrs old.

LED… SKY-RAY S-R5. updated to XM-L2 chip.
Along with an older V-LIFE That just won’t die on me.
I WANT to dump it but it keeps on keeping on.

I’ve got a 4Sevens Quark 123 in my tackle bag. I guess it must be about 9 years old. I keep it in there because it’s my only light that doesn’t run properly off rechargeables.

My Maglite I got sometime in the mid 90s, 2C which runs out of battery life pretty fast and has a horrible beam but still works.

First run ARC AAA Premium & 3D Red Maglight from early 90s.

Still use it on occasion, a River Rock (Target house-brand) 2×C light. Quite nice, clean beam (OP reflector), 1-mode with FC switch, but with only an XR-E under the hood. Used/Use it when I got C-sized alkaleaks to burn off.

The RR 1×AA light is a thing of beauty, too. Consistent regulated output ’til it’d run out of juice, then just drop like a rock.

Got a couple of each, “in-use” ones and “spares”. The in-use ones are still going, so…

Don’t even ask me how old they are. Circus City was still in business, used to pick through their and Target’s bargain-bin for DVDs. Looked it up, had to be pre-2008. So probably 2006 or earlier, if I had to guess.

All my ancient Mags were minimags, and those were long since ruined by hateful little alkaleaks doing what they do best: ruining anything they’re put into.