What's Your Thoughts on the WARSUN MX900??

Hey all,

I’ve been nosing through the lights over on Banggood and was looking at the Convoy C8 when I came upon a very interesting looking light, the WARSUN MX900. It’s listed at 1198 lumens and it has a side switch, which I like.

What caught my eye was the pics that show it with added “sleeves” on the light to be able to use 1 or 2 extra 18650 batteries. The 1 extra would probably be pretty good, but the +2 looks unwieldy as can be.

I’d like to hear what you all think of this light and this capability. How well does this light actually work? Has anyone actually tried it with these extra cells?

Lastly, how does it compare to the Convoy C8 that I was originally there to buy because I need a good THROWER?

Thanks for the help.


A few people already have them. There is a detailed thread somewhere around here. From what I’ve gathered they seem to be of good all around quality especially for the price.

Hopefully someone will be around shortly to answer specifics. :slight_smile:

More detail:

I believe a group buy for a BLF specific version is on the cards… not sure if its a go or not though. Someone was dealing with Warsun to produce one.

Nevermind, that would be the thread linked…