What's your weirdest flashlight(s) you own?

I have a brand new Surefire Hellfighter with IR filter and a custom connector adapter to XT60 to run on 3S cell or other 12V sources, It’s not weird or crazy expensive, just a bit rare.

Another weird light I have is a Sinner Custom Copper tri-edc which is almost a prototype, with brass switch, with no o-ring, no logo, no front bezel chamfer, less than perfect fitment, and extremely tight battery tube diameter. Built many years ago with dedomed XP-L and a FET driver (no 7135, just fet). Still kicks ass.

27,000mAh battery, 800 or 1600 lumens (depending on bulb) and hours upon hours of battery life

Bort, where can I buy that. I know someone that uses that same setup with an sla battery and inverter…

Its a discontinued Renogy Phoenix 100 but you can probably find some floating around from third party sellers.
Also there are competitors, i think its Ravpower that has something similar and there are probably others.

Thanks, bort.

This is my weirdest “flashlight”.

This was originally a Stanley clamplight with an xpe emitter, and ridiculously large “relector” that made no reflections of the emitter.

I cut the backside off and then epoxied or screwed together the following: a large aluminum heatsink, 2 different color temp 40w? Cobs and their included reflectors, a 120v to 12v power supply, a 12v driver and 2 ipx rated (?) computer fans. I completely potted the driver for protection from bumps and water.

I think the emitters are in parallel, I don’t remember. I think I sized the driver for 80% rated, I should have done 120, but it has lasted many years and is bright enough.

No switch, no modes,. The wall plug is it.

Really I guess the only Stanley part left is the clamp and head plastic.

Edit, forgot a photo.

Did a quick search, seems like the original.

Mostly used for painting walls, literally. I don’t think it is high CRI, but you can see where you have painted white on white well enough.

The point is, it clamps on a ladder or rafter well and the head rotates all around and changes angles.

Mine is the Supfire G20, for sure :wink:
Front led, side led, laser! Magnetic tailcap, hook, USB port (out), USB-C port (in), big clip!

I guess my other lights are more or less conventional.

This was a gift:

The flashlight is cool white, and if I remember right, has a fair amount of tint-shift. It sits in the glovebox, so far yet to be used. The Convoy S2+ I already had for use in the car is always the go-to choice for a light instead.

It appears to be glued together, and I haven’t been motivated enough to risk destroying it in an effort to swap the emitter.

On a positive note, it is pretty compact, and would be reasonably convenient if I needed a powerbank.

My concern is that the battery is toast. If stored fully charged for long periods the capacity loss is going to happen fast.
Also if you have hot summers the days of heat soaking are also destroying the battery.
I only store NiMH in the car full time.

Yeah, it’s a very innovative design. The ET3 comes in a 21700 compatible body tube. From what I’ve come to understand, the optic is a Carclo. Which means the GITD inserts made for the FW3A should fit. I’m not quite sure what tool to get for removing the bezel in such a way as to not scratch it. That’s necessary to do in order to access the optic.

I wanted to put a pic of Charlton Heston screaming “damn you” from Planet of the Apes, but it’s too much trouble.
Instead I’ll say “thank you” to Xevious for a weird light thread and “thanks, but darn it! another light” to MascaratumB for posting that G20. Sure don’t need one but looks like a fun light to mess with.


My Xanes headlamp. Looks like eyes staring at you and the neck is adjustable also.

The vintage Eveready Clearmate.


Or maybe the 1939 (approx) Winchester Copper Bullet. Some say it looks like something else.

I got one of these… somewhere.

Press the button, and the nostrils light up blue, and the piggy makes oinky noises.

I want this in LED/lithium

yes, I can think of a LOT of flashlights that could be made into interesting conversation pieces with a clear housing.

this is my weirdest light, its not finished :slight_smile: if you have questions, ask away :slight_smile: I don’t mind!

I’d want a “stripper-light” like the old-timey stripper-pens, ie you have the gril in the bikini, but turn it upside-down and the bikini disappears.

That’d be so kewl…

should disappear as it heats up!

Oooo-light. Any model!