When did the advanced post editor change?

Used to be much more complex, and could add pictures with mouse over and all... cant do that anymore

Q. When did the advanced post editor change?

A. March February 2016.

Mouseovers are still possible, but it's not easy...


Was trying to do a mouse over on the pics in the OP of this thread

No matter what I try to do, following that post, it deletes all the mouse over source code, and just makes it a regular ol image in the source. Maybe there is some error in the code SB posted and it gets automatically removed?

And the link was broken. Seems to be errors swapping to and from simple to advanced post editors now too?

Its been like this since sb migrated to where we are now.

What really sucks is not getting alerts/notifications about quotes or mentions or replies.

I hear your pain…I didn’t get alerts/notifications for about 6 months…then it mysteriously started working again. Been working perfectly now for about 6 weeks. I think it has something to do with your email provider’s account parameters although I did absolutely nothing to correct it.

Oh I didn’t mean email alerts, I meant like some notification tab in the forum to see if people quoted you or mentioned your name.
I thought the email alerts were only for topics you make or subscribe to?