Where are you from Maratac AA/AAA?

Where are the Maratac AA & AAA torches made? Or more specifically who manufactures for Maratac. I always thought they were made in China by iTP or some other Chinese. I read some threads suggesting that Lumintop makes manufactures for some of Maratac’s lights. Is this true? Anybody in the know and not just hear say?

Some retail sites claim Maratac is designed, manufactured in US.

Several years back It was IPT/Olight. Don’t know if they have changed.

I just looked through mine (AA and AAA CU (rev. 2?), Cu CR123a, SS AAA and Ti AAA) , the packaging doesn’t make any mention of where they are made. I don’t think County Comm does either.

Maratac is a trademark owned by Maratac Inc., a company based in Los Gatos, CA. However, the fact that the company is headquartered in the U.S. doesn’t necessarily mean that the products are manufactured here.

Anecdotal reports on the internet seem to point toward China. However, these reports are not well documented.

If anything, I’d say the best proof of the flashlights’ origins is the fact that Maratac is not advertised as being made in the U.S.A. If it were made in the U.S.A., I would expect that to be a major selling point.

I think people get too hung up on where stuff is made. Surely the only thing that really matters is the end product vs it’s price and performance.

Lets face it, if you buy a BMW built in America, do you still consider it a German car with German engineering? How about a Toyota built in Britain or a MINI built in Austria for example.

The fact that it seamlessly lego’s with Lumintop Tool lights, and that already my Maratac Copper AAA from 3 years ago has a driver marked ‘Worm’ strongly points at Lumintop.

But where are you from, Lumintop? <:-)

Think Olight and Lumintop are the same manufacturer. Haven’t bought a Lumintop in several years but they used to ship their lights in the plastic cases exactly like Olight.

Great input guys. It was one of those questions that was bugging me that a simple google search didn’t fix.

The last Lumintop I got (The Reylight tool cu) came in a case identical to my Maratacs…… may be on to something.