Where best price for Victorinox swiss army knives?


i dont have much hope with this one.

The MSRP for the very popular Vinox Minichamp is friggin 37CHF wtf, German list price is 34€ ouch and the lowest street price i could find was 22.50€ shipped, still wtf. Considering that a full blown SAK like the Vinox Ranger costs 22€ (only!) street price too, i am thinking that the Minichamp is overpriced yikes

If you know any price search engine or coupon codes which tops this price, please let me know thanks!

FYI on ebay the last 2 auctions for the Minichamp (Used condition) ended in the 20-22US$ range, amazon.com's price is ~29US$. Why does it have to be that expensive?? Anyone has this Victorinox, is it really worth the high price?


EDIT: have placed the order. i've searched the national and international WWW, i think the 22.50€ shipped cant be beaten.. unless one finds a coupon code for this website. i didnt find any, so i must pay the normal price. the only consolation is .. Vinox has FREE lifetime warranty on their SAK's and MT's. If something breaks or deteriorates after normal use, Vinox will repair/replace it for FREE. great warranty, great service. similar to Leatherman.

I see you've placed an order already. But maybe this will help when you go to expand your collection. I don't know if these are the cheapest, but DX has some. Heck, I don't even know if they are real. They do have this one model that isn't common in the USA that I was thinking about getting.